Welcome to Portfield Primary Academy


At Portfield, we care about people. Our aim is to help everyone in our school community to be great so that the world can be an even better place. 

We 'aim high' in all aspects of life - morally, socially and academically. We have a deep desire to develop people with a strong moral compass because we believe that ‘how’ you achieve something is just as important as ‘what’ you achieve. 

We aspire to get the best out of ourselves and others, living by the values of respect, resilience, aspiration and care in order to help our local and wider communities be happy and successful places to live.

Who We Are

Life at Portfield is underpinned by hard work and positive learning habits - behaviours that are so ingrained in us that we do them without thinking. They are just ‘who we are’. 

Empowering Children

We believe that knowledge brings choice and that choice brings freedom. Our knowledge-rich curriculum empowers our children to be deeply knowledgeable about the world so that they can transform it now and in the future. 

Caring Community

At Portfield, we believe that it is vital that our children feel part of, and give back to, the communities they live in. Understanding the value of community is central to our ethos. We don't just discuss it though, we live it.