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Recent Tech Update - August 21st, 2018

Good Evening,

I just wanted to share an update on our new devices and some useful information to get you started!


I have unboxed all of our new Chromebooks, placed them in their associated carts, and began numbering/inventorying each device. Next I will need to wire each cart, which Mrs. Stewart has offered some Student Council assistance to expedite this process (greatly appreciate these hard working students!), and finally add the devices to our domain.

I’m still pushing to deliver these carts as early as this Friday but it may be early next week before I am able to finish all three. I will do my very best to deliver each cart as they become available.

[Cart Locations]

Each of the new Chromebook Carts will be located in the Junior High. Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Collins, and Mrs. Estep will serve as our “Keeper of the Carts”, covering each area of our Junior in hopes of making sharing, collaboration, and transporting carts convenient and easy.

[Cart Sharing]

If any of our cart keepers would like to create an easy and efficient way to share their carts, or any other resources, with their respective departments, may I recommend a Google Calendar leveraging the new “Appointment Slot” feature to communicate when carts or resources are available and to maximize their usage.

You can check our Alice Keeler’s easy to follow guide to the new Google Calendar Appointment Slot feature:

[Chromebook Basics]

Kathy Schrock, another one our popular KySTE/ISTE presenters and EdTech Rockstars, has several useful links to videos, tips, and various tricks to getting started with Chromebooks in the classroom.

I highly recommend checking our each of these resources regardless if you are new to getting devices or wanting to take that next step:


Please refer to some of the information below to get a better idea of what Schoology has to offer! Regardless if you use devices each and every day or once a year, we hope that Schoology will provide a new and exciting experience for your students!

You can find some useful links below but I am currently working on a “Schoology: Did You Know?” section to the Tech Portal that will also be very useful.

[Google Certification]

I would like to offer a challenge that before Christmas Break, that 50% of our classroom teachers obtain their Google Certified Education – Level 1 Certification. ShakeUpLearning and Mrs. Kasey Bell have some incredible resources to help you get started but honestly, I believe that all of you could easily pass the Level 1 assessment. Please allow for a couple of hours of uninterrupted time to obtain this certification. I was able to complete it in under 2 hours with interruptions so I know each of you can complete the assessment in the allotted 3 hour time limit with ease.

[My Favorite Summer Resources]

This summer I was introduced to a lot of fantastic resources but to avoid overwhelming everyone (including myself) I was to share just a few of my favorites!

  1. Peardeck -
  2. Flipgrid (now purchased by Microsoft, use Educator Login) -
  3. Google Keep -

[FlexPD – Coming Soon]

I will be sending out a separate email regarding our first round of Flex PD opportunities at the end of the month. Our first round will primarily focus on introductory courses and refreshers to ensure our new faculty and those who may be planning on utilizing technology more in their classroom will have an opportunity to learn from the ground level up.

If you have any suggestions for a Flex PD topic or if you have anything you would like to share and/or present, please let me know!

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