Child Care
Employer Essentials

The Child Care Employer Essentials encompasses information for child care administrators about the Oregon Registry to support new or existing staff with their professional development and onboarding.

Who is the audience for the Child Care Employer Essentials?

  • Certified Center (CC) directors, administrators and supervisors

  • Certified Family (CF) child care providers and supervisors

  • Registered Family (RF) child care providers

What does the Oregon Registry do?

The Oregon Registry provides statewide supports for the early childhood and afterschool workforce that:

  • Tracks training and education for Early Learning Division Office of Child Care licensing requirements,

  • Promotes professional growth and development through training opportunities and scholarships,

  • Places individuals on Oregon Registry Steps based on verified training and education, and

  • Informs policymakers and partners about the early childhood and afterschool profession.