Advanced Bookkeeping

Advanced Electronic Bookkeeping

The advanced electronic bookkeeping class builds upon the basic understanding of bookkeeping by provided additional materials and exercises to get further in detail into a company's financial books. Learning how to use QuickBooks more completely goes beyond learning the program's basic features. Even experienced QuickBooks users struggle when applying certain real-life business situations to QuickBooks. Students in this course go beyond the basics to tackle QuickBooks' more advanced features and applications.

The class assumes students have knowledge of GAAP (Generally Accepted Procedures) and the ability to use QuickBooks bookkeeping software.

Topics included in this course are:

* Accessing the General Ledger and analyzing transactions

* Establishing and managing multiple company files

* Setting up multiple bank accounts and transferring funds between accounts

* Managing petty cash accounts

* Working with and understanding the Big 3 Financial Reports - Profit & Loss; Balance Sheet; and Statement of Cash Flows

* Importing and Exporting data in QuickBooks to other software packages.

* All students completing this class will have the opportunity to sit for the QuickBooks Certification exam with their proctor fees waived.


Monday - Thursday (6pm to 8pm)

  • 3 week program

Cost: Free