Ms. Bria Wright

School Counselor

Students: 8th Grade

(440) 885-2408 or Email

Ms. Zuraya Hamad

School Counselor

Students: 10th Grade

(440) 885-2406 or Email

Mrs. Courtney Walsh

College Now/Gear UP

College & Career Advisor


Mrs. Amanda Keeler

Home Liaison

Google Classroom Link

(440) 843-1504 or Email

Ms. Stephanie Busa

School Counselor

Students: 12th Grade

(440) 885-8469 or Email

Mr. Cody Lemke

School Counselor

Students: 11th Grade

(440) 885-8377 or Email

Mr. Matt Mucha

School Counselor

Students: 9th Grade

(440) 885-8793 or Email

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News and Updates

Summer School:

  • Summer School will once again be free for all students this year. It will also include breakfast for AM students and lunch for all students.

  • The deadline to register for Summer School is June 17th.

  • The flier with all Summer School information can be found here.

  • The link to register for Summer School can be found here.

  • Any questions about Summer School can be directed to your School Counselor or Mrs. Armstrong the Summer School facilitator.

National Honors Society:

  • ROOM 306

  • Tuesday , Wednesday, and Thursday

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