Music Technology

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You will be required to complete 3 tasks.

Outcome 1 has 1 task for 1.1 & 1.2, Outcome 2 has 2 tasks - one for 2.1 & one for 2.2.

These can be assessed using notation of existing scores or your own compositions.

Outcome 1.1 & 1.2

In the assessment activity, you will be required to identify and describe both Music technology equipment and Music technology techniques in terms of its main features and their function(s) and operation.

Outcome 2.1 & 2.2

In this assessment activity, you will be required to create a simple sequence and short score using music technology equipment and techniques.

You will use Fruity Loops or Protools for Outcome 2.1, and Sibelius for 2.2

Outcome 2.1 -

For this task you will create a simple sequence using sequencing software in a digital audio workstation (Garageband) and a MIDI keyboard. The instruments used will be suggested by your teacher. Your sequence will be assessed on it being created edited and mixed using the techniques and functions according to recognised conventions.

In creating your sequence you must use at least two of the following functions:

  • metronome
  • events
  • data parameters
  • event list

In creating your sequence you must use all of the following techniques:

  • record
  • playback
  • tempo

While creating your sequence, your teacher will ask you a series of questions to assess your knowledge of:

  • The function and operation of three main features of the digital audio workstation and the MIDI keyboard;
  • The techniques used to record, playback and create tempo.

Fruity Loops level 1.webm
L1 Music tech FL score instructions - Canon.docx

Task 2

For this task, you will create a short score using music notation software. In creating your score you must use all of the following functions:

  • title
  • composer
  • tempo
  • staves
  • time signature
  • key signature

For an excellence your score must be musically stylistically consistent, clear; and accurate. It should look exactly the same as the score you are copying from.

Watch this video below and follow how to complete the "Summer Mvmnt III" practice task



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