Page County High School Counseling Center

Our School Counseling Department believes that through personalization and collaboration, all students can achieve academic success. We strive to create an individual relationship with each student through academic, personal and career counseling. We work closely with parents, teachers, and other resources to help students overcome their personal barriers to success. Through these efforts, we believe each student can achieve in high school and beyond.

Individual Planning Services

  • Developing personal goals and future plans with students

  • Monitoring student academic progress

  • Building career awareness

  • Providing education planning to include course selections

  • Assisting with college selection, application process, financial aid, scholarships

Responsive Services

  • Consultation with teachers and parents

  • Individual counseling

  • Referrals to community agencies, social services, medical professionals (including mental health professionals), and/or alternative education programs

  • Crisis intervention

System Support Services

  • Utilization of community resources

  • Maintaining student cumulative records