Grading and Studio Expectations

Studio Expectations:

Always try your best!

Be willing to try new things. It is okay to make a mistake or learn along the way. The process of creating art is just as important as the product. Having a growth mindset will help you enjoy the studio and grow as an artist. No "I cant's"! Instead, say, "I will try my best".

Respect the Artwork!

We are all learning and growing in the studio space. Allow yourself and others to figure things out! Use positive interactions instead of putting people, ideas, and skills down. Don't touch someone else's work with intention to ruin it.

Treat the Supplies with Care!

We share the studio space with others and depend on the materials to help us make art. If we do not clean materials properly, they may not function to their best ability. This leads to frustration. Please pick up after yourself and follow instructions for caring for materials.


"In Class" Projects:

  • worth 20 points based on a rubric.
  • graded with the student for verbal feedback.
  • effort, attitude and personal growth play a big part in your grade.
  • LATE WORK: *** If a student falls behind or is absent, grades may be entered into "Q" as a zero (to remind the student to complete the project at lunch, before school, or at home (if possible)). Once projects are returned and graded, they may earn up to full credit for this assignment.

Sketchbook Assignments:

  • Journal Assignments are due each week and are worth 5 points each. There is a total of 7 journals each quarter. =35 total points. *LATE JOURNALS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.
  • Notes and Technique practice completed in the sketchbook are worth 5-10 points each.
  • Museum Mondays: 20 points per Quarter. Graded on completion, organization, and use of proper vocabulary and insight.

Work Habits:

  • "Participation" is part of the letter grade and work habits grade. As a growing artist, it is important to participate (remain on task, use the materials, and not distract others from working).

Citizenship and Work Habits

Students are assumed SATISFACTORY when they arrive in class. They may remain SATISFACTORY or earn an OUTSTANDING. Students who do not comply with the studio expectations may also earn a "NEEDS IMPROVEMENT" OR UNSATISFACTORY mark.

Good works habits and citizenship include:

    • Arrives on time to class, Displays a positive attitude, respectful of other students and adults (including voice volume is appropriate for "inside the classroom") , cooperates with other students and adults.
    • Turns in assignments, seeks help when needed, participates in class, brings materials, stays on task.