Mrs. Cadle

Art Teacher Medea Creek Middle School


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Studio Class: D-2

A BIG THANK YOU! For your art donations. I will continue to take donations at any time! We wouldn't be able to have such an expansive program without your support! Check out the "current projects" tabs under the different classes to see what we're doing this year.

Photo of Mrs. Cadle in her art room.

Photo of Mrs. Cadle's Family

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I am Malia Cadle, Your child’s Art Teacher. I graduated from California Lutheran University with a degree and credential in Fine Art. I have also received a Masters of Education in Teaching from CLU and hold a CTE credential in the Arts, Media Entertainment Industry.

I have a passion for the Arts and am excited about working with young Artists and their creative and ever developing styles. I am dedicated to inspiring your child as we explore the wonderful world of art through diverse techniques.

I believe that Art is an essential part of today’s total curriculum. It aides and supports other subjects as well as molds your child into a well rounded person. Art pushes and challenges the creative side of the brain. I create a safe and comfortable environment for my students to be creative and trust their instincts. I give them the basic techniques and the freedom to use these to form their own unique styles. I teach them that Art is social, communicative, therapeutic, and also problem solving. My artists are challenged creatively and face choices every day to open up and share their individual talents. Together we will begin to master techniques. I hope to inspire them and give them confidence to believe in themselves and the art that they create. My goal at the end of our time together is that every student believes that he or she is an ARTIST!

I look forward to a fun-filled semester with your child creating and discussing the world of Art. Thank you for entrusting your children’s creative and artistic growth with me. I take this responsibility very seriously. I also look forward to meeting you. The Art studio is always open to you- the patrons of the Arts at MCMS.