Our Lady of the Ridge School offers several opportunities during the year to help raise funds for the school, the community and the parish. In addition, designated fund raisers will give school families the ability to reduce tuition by splitting the profits of the fund raiser 50-50 with the school.

2017/2018 Fundraising Opportunities to reduce tuition

    • Mum Sale (August/September) - Order Form
    • Game-a-thon (September)
    • Popcorn (November/December)
    • World's Finest Candy Sale (Spring)

General School Fundraising

Our Lady of the Ridge School earns extra money from a variety of fundraisers. This extra money is invested in new supplies, resources and technology to help our students achieve! These are all simple ways you can help out. Ask your friends, families, neighbors and co-workers to help out too. EVERYONE can participate!

Box Tops for Education

We earn $0.10 for every box top submitted. Watch for promotions that offer double or bonus box tops and send them in with your child. You can also drop them in the appropriate bin near the entrance to the church. Visit for a list of eligible products.

Tyson Project A+

The Tyson Project A+ program is one of the simplest ways to support the school. Just clip and collect Tyson Project A+ labels from Tyson packages. For every label we turn in, we'll receive $0.24 - and the school can use the money for whatever it needs. Visit for more details on the program.

Juice Pouches

They're icky. They're sticky. And they're worth money. Bring in your empty Capri-Sun, Kool-Aid or other brand of juice pouches (not boxes) for recycling. Our school receives up to 2 cents for every pouch we turn in - the more the better.


We recycle laser and inkjet cartridges to earn cash. If your place of business is not already recycling their printer cartridges, consider asking them to allow you to bring them to the school. Bins are conveniently located near the school entrance and the church entrance. Every little bit helps. Visit for a complete list of items.

Cell Phones

Are you done with your old cell phone? Ready to upgrade? What will you do with that old technology? The average American cell phone user owns three or more expired cell phones and only 2.3% of Americans recycle them! Together we can raise that percentage. Bring your old cell phone in to school. We will recycle your old cell phone for cash.


Recycle newspapers, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, office paper, school paper and notebooks every day of the week. Abitibi recycling bins (the big green dumpsters) are located in the south parking lot on 109th and Ridgeland. All are welcome to drop their used paper products in the bins. Please do NOT include plastic, glass, trash or cardboard.