Mission & Philosophy


As a ministry of Our Lady of the Ridge Parish, our school guides young people in their development as faith-filled active members of the Catholic Church. The parish school engenders an understanding and practice of a stewardship way of life, helping the students to share their God-given gifts and talents by being educated, informed, contributing members of society.

Philosophy of Education

As a ministry of Our Lady of the Ridge Parish, the elementary school, in partnership with the family, nurtures the development of its children to become responsible, dynamic Catholic citizens of the 21st century. The parish school provides a faith community that reflects a stewardship way of life and the mission of the Church to worship God, proclaim the Word, and to the serve the people of the world.

Our Lady of the Ridge School serves students in preschool through eighth grade. The school strives to follow and to implement the curriculum and the educational methods set by the Office of Catholic Schools. The local curriculum is established to meet the spiritual, emotional, academic, social, and physical needs of the students. Educational materials and equipment are consistently evaluated and updated.

To help meet these needs, current educational trends are reviewed and implemented to address the evolving needs of the students. The professional educators of Our Lady of the Ridge School recognize that individuals acquire knowledge through a variety of learning experiences and learning styles. In response to this reality, the teachers plan varied lessons which engage the students in the educational process.

Children learn through instruction, example, motivation, inspiration, cooperation, encouragement, and self-discipline experienced at home and at school. Parents are the primary source of influence in their children's lives and an integral part of their children's learning process. A cooperative effort is made between parents and the school to foster their children's faith and to ensure a continuous growth in their academic progress.

Our Lady of the Ridge School continues to maintain an active involvement within the parish and the civic community in which its students work and live out their Christian calling.