Learn. Grow. Thrive.
Oklahoma City Public Schools

2024-2025 Enrollment 

School year starts on August 13, 2024


No matter their zip code, all students deserve access to a world-class education. OKCPS celebrates uniqueness and diversity by providing every student with a place where they can be themselves, feel welcome and have a sense of belonging.
There's a seat for every child at OKCPS. 

Early Childhood Education
Pre-K & Kindergarten

Do you have a child who will be entering Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten this school year? Parents/Guardians with children who are four (4) years old on or before Sept 1, 2024 may register for the Pre-Kindergarten Program. 

Upgraded Facilities
$955 Million Bond Approved!

In 2022, OKC voters passed a historic bond package for OKCPS. Our students deserve the same 21st century learning facilities and opportunities as their peers in neighboring districts and with this bond, they will receive that.

Student / Alumni Spotlight

Current OKCPS Student 

"OKCPS is helping me achieve my goals in dance and in my education. The opportunities at my school let me try new things and explore new ways to find myself. All the teachers are very kind and helpful, and I know I can talk to them if I have a problem."

OKCPS Alumnus

"It's important to go to a school where you're going to be heard, and I think OKCPS is the district for those things. When you enroll in Oklahoma City Public Schools, you're enrolling with a student body, a district full of change makers." 

OKCPS Alumnus

"I learned something new about myself and I grew as a person and became the person I am now because of the experiences I had in High School. Not only was it an academic journey, but it was also a personal journey, about who I am, and what I want from life."

Parent Testimonials

Erin and  Justin

"When we were choosing schools for our kids, OKCPS was the top choice for us. We wanted our school community to match what the world looks like. We wanted our kids to be in a school that was as well rounded as this world that they're going into."

Staff Member and Parent

"I decided to work for Oklahoma City Public Schools because I wanted to come back and give just a little of what was given to me. I feel that I wouldn't be the person I am today without the foundation I received from Oklahoma City Public Schools."


"Oklahoma City Public Schools right now represents hope. And over time, I started  to see that a lot of the values and priorities of the district matched those of my family, and really featured the kind of educational experience we wanted our kids to have."