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This site is intended to share updated and relevant information about school sites in OFY San Juan

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On-Site instruction has been suspended

due to covid-19 stay at home orders

please contact your teacher for more information


email the center coordinator for your center

Core Values And Mission Statement

Our schools create an educational choice for ALL students.

Our staff connects with students to empower and inspire them to achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality.

OFY San Juan Principal: Derek Newell

2125 Fulton Ave. Suite 100

Sacramento, CA 95825

Center Coordinator:

Michelle Chang


5825 Windmill Way,

Carmichael, CA 95608

Center Coordinator:

Amanda Cunningham


1508 Howe Ave Ste 100,

Sacramento, CA 95825

Center Coordinator:

Luz Rosales Pacheco


9470 Madison Ave.

Orangevale, CA 95662

Center Coordinator:

Brittany Kulikovskiy


What's happening now?

Tennessee State University, an HBCU, is coming to talk with students about college opportunities. Sign up HERE!

Advanced Education is enrolling for Spring 2021!

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FREE COVID-19 Testing

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College Support and Diversity Programs

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Financial Aid Myths-Busted!

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DSPS Accomodations & CalWORKS!

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Puente, Umoja, Pride!

Click HERE to read about these college support programs which provide resources to help you succeed!

Meals available

Each school site has a plan to distribute

lunches to enrolled students

Technological support

We have resources available to help you with

internet and computer access




records/transcript requests:

Jessica Prescott, Records Center Coordinator

Fill out this form and

email it to Jessica Prescott: jprescott@ofy.org

Enrollment outreach

Ta'Lana Carr


Wish to Enroll at OFY?

1) Log into your StudentTrac account

*Click here if you are a returning student; use your existing StudentTrac account information

*Brand new to OFY? Create a StudentTrac account! Click here and click the green button to 'Create Account'

2) Schedule an Orientation:

To schedule, contact the Center Coordinator for your desired site:

*Arden-Michelle, michellechang@ofy.org

*Carmichael-Amanda, acunningham@ofy.org

Howe-Luz, luzrosalespacheco@ofy.org

*Orangevale- Brittany, brittanykulikovskiy@ofy.org

3) Complete registration forms in StudentTrac

4) Attend orientation:

*Students under 18 must bring a parent or guardian

*Bring your immunizations

*In an hour long orientation you'll hear about the structure of the school, be scheduled with your teacher, and ensure that all registration forms are completed correctly