What is C3WP?

C3WP is an intensive professional development program that provides teachers with instructional resources and formative assessment tools for the teaching of evidence-based argument writing. Teachers in C3WP typically participate in 45 hours of professional development per year for two years, experiencing instructional materials of the highest quality, learning to analyze student work carefully to determine instructional next steps, and leading their students towards active participation in their communities through argument writing.

C3WP Overview

“For the Sake of Argument,” published in American Educator, provides a clear overview of the C3WP.

C3WP's Research

C3WP has been extensively researched. SRI conducted independent research in two studies, both finding positive results. The Learning Policy Institute’s study of effective professional development features the National Writing Project’s C3WP program as an exemplar.

How C3WP Works

The Cycle of Instruction infographic provides a quick look at the way that C3WP works.

C3WP’s Design Principles

C3WP's Instructional Resources

Each C3WP Cycle of Instruction involves teachers teaching a C3WP Instructional Resource. C3WP offers Upper Elementary and Secondary Instructional Resources for teachers to choose from based on students' skills in argument writing. Teachers can access the resources in the Instructional Resources Guides below.

2019 C3WP Elem Instructional Resources Guide - rev 9.19
2018 C3WP Instructional Resources Guide | DRAFT