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Our mission is to advocate for every student, ensuring access to the highest level of learning. In collaboration with all stakeholders, prepare all students to become responsible citizens who are lifelong learners and effective problem solvers. All students will have access to programs and resources and be prepared with the skills to perform to their full potential in a diverse and changing world.

Counselors uphold high degree of professional knowledge and are licensed professionals. To establish rapport with students, confidentiality is of utmost importance. Breach of confidentiality only applies when there is intent of harm among self or others, harm inflicted on student, student may inflict harm on someone, or student gives permission to share confidential information to other professionals. Counselors inform students this information through brief explanation of what confidentiality means. Below is what this usually entails:

Confidentiality means

What you say in here, stays in here


Someone is hurting you

You want to hurt someone

You want to hurt yourself

You give me permission to share

Chaparral High School Counselors Provide:

Academic Planning & Support

  • Academic advisement and consultation

  • Curriculum and school wide system planning and support

  • Assistance in resolving academic difficulties

  • Help with course selection

  • Classroom guidance

  • Encouragement and celebration of success

  • Parent Teacher Conferences

College & Career Planning

  • Post graduate planning

  • Scholarships

  • College Admissions

  • College Visits

  • ACT/SAT Waivers

  • College Fairs

  • Job Fairs

Personal-Social Counseling

  • Personal and social counseling

  • Crisis counseling

  • Assistance with school pressures

  • Information about the school and community

  • Help with interpersonal and communication skills

  • Help with peer/family concerns

  • Crisis response

  • Referral to community agencies