2017-2018 School Program Planning and Budgeting Guide


The 2018-2019 School Performance Planning and Budgeting Guide will be released on January 15, 2018.

When you look at the cover for this school program planning and budgeting guide, these are just a few of the 322,000 students in the Clark County School District. Our work in implementing this reorganization must be with them in mind.

We have to focus on the students. The students are our priority. They are the reason that we are all here every day, and the reason that we all have jobs in the Clark County School District. Uncertainty and anxiety are natural emotions as we engage in the process of change. At the same time, it is an opportunity for new beginnings.

What we want to do is change the story. The Clark County School District constantly gets told that it’s broken and needs to be fixed. The Clark County School District is not broken. We have our challenges. We have things that we need to improve. And with the implementation of AB 394, we have the chance not only to improve those, but to write the next chapter in our story.

This guide is designed to help implement this plan that is now law. We need to constantly remember that it is about the students; it is for the students that we are making these changes. Schools have the opportunity to make decisions at the local level that will impact their students. Our job at the District central level is to support them.

The reorganization structure and philosophy, the School Organizational Teams, budget, and accountability and survey measures outlined in this guide are being and will continue to be realigned to support this work. Together, we will ensure that we are focused on the success of every student in every classroom.

-Pat Skorkowsky

Superintendent of Schools

For additional information regarding Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) pertaining to topics covered in this guide, please refer to NAC 388G at http://www.leg.state.nv.us/NAC/NAC-388G.html.

Please visit http://ab394.ccsd.net to access additional resources and information including communications, trainings, and support materials.

For questions or to provide feedback regarding this guide, please contact your School Associate Superintendent or email AB394help@nv.ccsd.net.