Virtual Learning @ NPSC

Welcome to the NPSC Virtual Learning / Learn at Home site!

On our virtual learning site, you will be able to access some general information about virtual learning as well as learning activities and sites in the core areas of Literacy, Numeracy and French as a Second Language.

In addition, there are many learning activities included under the 'More' tab in many curriculum areas including Experiential Learning, Indigenous Education, Special Education and Well-Being.

All activities are based on your child's grade level and we encourage your child to explore these areas to help prepare for virtual learning. We will continue to add new resources to this site regularly.

Getting started with virtual learning


Edsby is the primary tool used by the Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board for communication, assessment and attendance. It is important for all parents and guardians to set up their Edsby login and begin checking it regularly.

For specific and detailed support for parents with EDSBY, please visit the following link:

LINK: EDSBY for Parents

Google Classroom

Your child's teacher will be posting a message in your EDSBY class with a link to join their Google Classroom.

Here's a quick video that shows what this process would look like.

Google Meet

For more information on joining live meetings with your teacher, visit our Google Meet page.

Other Google apps for tablet/mobile

At Home Learning tools

In preparing your child's learning space for virtual learning, here are some suggested tools/materials to have available, if possible:


  • small scissors

  • pencils

  • glue stick

  • paper

  • books

  • colouring tools (ex: crayons, markers, or pencil crayons, etc.)

  • magnetic letters (from the Welcome to Kindergarten bags)

  • items that can be used as counters (ex: coins, buttons, screws, etc.)

  • building materials (ex: blocks, lego, wooden pieces, etc.)

Grade 1-3

  • pencils

  • paper

  • glue stick

  • colouring tools (ex: markers, pencils, or crayons)

  • ruler

  • scissors

  • white board and dry-erase marker

  • items that can be used as counters (ex: coins, buttons, screws, etc.)

  • ear phones

Grade 4-8

  • pencils

  • pens

  • coloured pencils

  • ruler

  • glue

  • scissors

  • calculator

  • protractor

  • white board and dry erase marker

  • earphones / headphones

  • fidgit tool (if needed)