Fall Session 2017

Universal Design for Learning

I really enjoyed the self exploration and reminder about removing roadblocks for all students. I used this course to help prepare for a PD session at my school about Blended Learning. It was a great reminder to remind ME to reinforce UDL principles when building curriculum in an online environment.

Integrating Technology with Marzano Strategies

This is my first class with North TIER. It has been a very good experience to be in the online company of like-minded professionals and learn from them. I have learned some very good instructional strategies that I will incorporate with my diverse learners. Good and enriching experience.

Project Based Approaches to Curriculum Design

I appreciated the facilitators comments on submissions, as well as, her reaching out to make sure things were going okay in regards to the assignments.

I like that it is offered at the start of the year. A lot of things happen during the school year. As a 5th grade SpEd teacher, the second half of the year is really busy, as I transition students to middle school and determine if students need summer school.

Daily Digital Images

The videos and links in the resource section of each week's lesson helped me out a lot. If I had a question, I checked that section and sure enough the teacher already had the information available.

Summer session 2016

Differentiating Curriculum for Gifted and High Ability Learners

One of the things I enjoy most about North Tier classes is that for a period of several weeks we all meet to have metaphorical dinners together. Our facilitator has already set the table with engaging background building readings, videos, and resources to try on-line. Then, each of us begin to contribute our own thoughts and experiences to the table. We "taste" one anothers' contributions, give feedback, ask for more, or sometimes just give it a taste and move on to the next selection. At some point, we all probably honestly feel a little over-fed with new ideas and activities. At our last big dinner date, we contribute a lesson we are proud of or have tinkered with, or made "healthier" using what we have learned. And, it's not a Great British Bakeoff competition at all, but a generous sharing of how we have applied what we have learned each week.

Finally, comes the time to reflect on our own learning and those wonderful contributions of our companions and to (carry the metaphor one more step!) order take-out. There have been so many wonderful web-sites and tools that others have recommended. I have "snacked" on lots of them, bookmarked them, and even emailed links on to my co-teachers. My granddaughter and I have tried out some of the ideas suggested for little kids, and I have saved many more for use this fall with my raging adolescent students!

I know that I have 4 preps for the coming school year. One prep is brand new to the school, two preps will be with co-teachers, and another prep will be just me at the front of the room. I think that I will begin by knowing which of my students might be hidden gifted learners. NT classes always inspire me through the input from all of the professional peers who have great ideas, and I intend to implement a few of those each quarter. Co-teaching can present a special challenge (you want to avoid the too many cooks spoil the broth thing!) but I am especially fortunate to be matched with newer teachers who are always eager to try new ideas and who KNOW A LOT MORE ABOUT TECHNOLOGY THAN ME! Yay!

Spring Session 2016

Have GPS will Travel

I valued everything in this class. I loved all the great ideas given by the classmates and the instructed was available if there were questions. I had never considered the GPS as an educational tool for learning. Now I know!

Map It! Critical Thinking through GIS Data

I really enjoyed the facilitator's you tube videos and excellent written instructions! She was very encouraging and positive:-) Wow, GIS data is everywhere and can be used by every teacher, including us at elementary. Social Studies will never be the same.

Technology to Support the Struggling Elementary Mathematics Student

With a district as large as mine is becoming, I think more online classes with many content related coursed should be offered on a continual basis so teachers can try new ideas, reference new resources and earn staff development points, worthy of actual classroom use, well ahead of their license renewal. In this class, the websites and tools explored could actually be used in class the moment after finding them.

Teaching Students to Navigate the Digital World Safely

I will say again. This course should be required for all teachers and administrators. I wish these courses were better advertised. As far as I know, I am one of two people in my building to try one. I will spread the word!

Google Apps in the Classroom – Advanced

This was truly an advanced Google Apps course. I've been using Google Apps for the past six years for both my own education and with students, so I was concerned that I might not actually learn anything new. I was wrong; I learned a lot of new useful applications in this class.

Winter Session 2015

Blended for a Perfect Fit: Combining Face to Face with Online Learning

"I liked exploring the various online programs out there. I especially liked reading current research about online learning. I think the resources we used in the activities were really helpful and enlightening."

Project Based Approaches to Instructional Design

"I love the collaborative nature of an online class. There is lots of sharing that goes on in the discussion forum. Also, the modules had a lot of great rubrics to use for lots of different project purposes."

Using Graphic Organizers to Promote Higher Order Thinking Skills

"This type of learning is highly effective for teachers who work long hours. I believe this will continue to be my favorite way to continue my education."

Fall Session 2014

Designing Instructional Projects in Google Earth

"This is my first online class so I wasn't sure what to expect. I did not expect classmates to be valuable in instructing one another. It was a nice surprise to see how openly classmates shared frustrations, successes and ideas."

Get Engaged...Using Whiteboards in Your 21st Century Classroom

"I am so happy I signed up for this class. It forced me to spend time I usually don't think I have to learn new techniques that will help my students to become more engaged in learning."

I am REALLY enjoying these courses and have been using my SMARTBoard for each speech group since last Monday! It’s time consuming creating activities as all my students in each group are at different levels but worth the outcome. Each child has their own individual page that addresses their goals. They LOVE it. It allows them more opportunities to practice their targets each session.

"I really enjoyed both the classes from North Tier I took and appreciate you putting them together and offering them over the winter break. As a first year teacher and am pretty overwhelmed so it was helpful to have classes I could take that would give me tools I could implement immediately. I am thanking the Weather Gods for the Snow Days which allowed me some free time so I could dig in and explore some great resources."

“I really enjoyed all the resources we explored and all the things we learned. The course touched on everything I wanted to learn about. I loved the discussions that were had on the discussion board. Everything exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for your time and effort in facilitating the course.” - 5th Grade Teacher

“Thanks again for a great class. I enjoyed it, learned a lot, and will recommend it to colleagues.” - Librarian

“In these courses there was a lot of hands on learning by doing. I wish all professional development stress this as much. Most of what I get is heavy on sit and get.” –D.H. Middle School Specialist

“In depth discussion topics and teacher feedback we amazing. This was a very engaging course!” –A.C. Assistant Principal

“I learned so many new ways to assess student learning and progress. The resources provided were excellent and I will use them starting this school year. I will adjust them to meet the needs of my students and the project taking place at the time.” – C.P. High School Teacher

"I am new to online courses, well actually to technology use in general. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am with the content and the amount of knowledge I have gained from my from instructors and through the discussion board entries and responses of my colleagues. No typical classroom course has ever allowed or been as respectful to colleague "inter-learning." I appreciate all the efforts combined to make these courses available." (Spring 2012) - D.R. Special Education

"The instructor was amazing and super helpful. Taking the course online was a perfect fit for my busy schedule as well.

Plus, the price could not be beat! Graduate credit for that price. Wow." (Spring 2012) - G.T. Teacher