Making payments

My Learning Plan was the site you used to register for the course. During the enrollment process you created your account with an email address. This became your user name. The password was something you selected and is private to you. In order to make payment for the course, follow these steps:

1.) Navigate to the My Learning Plan (Frontline) website, at My Learning Plan. (If your school division uses Frontline (My Learning Plan) this is a different login address.

2.) Use the email address you chose as your user name. You can also use the Login Help, as mentioned in step 3.

3.) Your password is something you selected. It may not be the same as what you normally use for school business. If you have forgotten the password, use the Login Help feature found below. The system will email your password to you. Use this to continue the payment process. The link is sent to the email address and is one-time use. For some people, the web browser used results in an error. If this happens, please request the link be sent again and use a different web browser.

4.) You will now be in you’re my Learning Plan account. Click on the Title of the course you are taking. (The activity title) Some people might need to click on My Registrations first.

5.) Find the Pay Now, PayPal button. You may have to scroll down the screen to find it!

6.) When you click on the Pay Now button you are taken to the Pay Pal website. You have a couple of options to make your payment.

a. You can login to an existing PayPal account and make payment this way. (You can create a Pay Pal account before payment, which will allow you to make payment through a credit card, eCheck or gift card.)

b. You can use the Pay with Bill Me Later, Debit or Guest Credit Card feature. This will allow you to pay without creating a Pay Pal account. (Please note that PayPal will occasionally ask to place a $1 hold on your credit card to verify your credit card. This has to do with your credit card policy and prevents fraud. This charge is fully refunded by following the directions provided to you.)

7.) You will be taken back to the My Learning Plan when payment it complete and emailed a receipt as proof of payment.

Making your North TIER payment through My Learning Plan.pdf