How to register

(Additional information for Arlington County staff, Manassas Park staff, Loudoun County Staff)

New Users: There is no need to create an account before registering.

You will create the account during the registration process.

Go to the direct link to register at This will take you to the Frontline website.

  1. Click on VIEW CATALOG

  2. Look through the list of courses, locate the course you wish to take

  3. Click on CLICK TO ENROLL button

If you have taken a North TIER course before:

Click on I’M A REGISTERED USER, and you will be prompted to sign into your account. If you forgot your password, please use the Login Help feature. If your school system uses Frontline, you may need to look for the SSO login link.

If you have never taken a North TIER class before:

  1. Click on I’M A NEW USER to create a username and password and sign up for courses. If your school system uses Frontline, you will be using your user name and password from your school division.

  2. Once you have completed registration; you receive an email confirming your enrollment

  3. North TIER courses require payment before the course starts. See “Making Payments” for directions.

Registration for the Graduate Credit Option through Colorado State University is completed during week 1 of the course. Right now the only thing you need to complete is course enrollment and course payment.

The optional Graduate Credit fees for most courses is an additional $170 or $210. (Other fees may apply)