Here's Jackson.

He can't wait for all of you to return.


Scroll down for new videos to help us in this challenging time!!!

Go to the yoga page for something amazing.

Mindfulness will help you with your big feelings and help you to stay calm and GREEN, even in this challenging time.

Practice with

Mr. Kimani

For a walking meditation with Mr. Kimani,

scroll down.


It's harder to be kind when you're not feeling green and calm. Keep up your mindfulness practice during this difficult time and help to build and spread KINDNESS.

Join me in a 15 minute class where we pretend to be back in the Mindfulness Studio.

Get outside

and do some yoga.

It's like having an outdoor assembly.

Join Janet Aalfs - Lotus Peace Arts at Heron's Bridge

Move to the music.

Thanks Janet Aalfs.

Take a walk with

Mr. Kimani.

Good job being present,


being present

Photos by

Ms. Walmsley's dad,

Sean Walmsley

Not so sure what this has to do with Mindfulness

except to consider the concentration it took to make these teapots

AND to photograph them so beautifully.