A daily mindfulness practice can help us to calm our bodies and minds and strengthen our self-awareness.

Mindfulness Matters

Lift your hand up to your forehead as you take a deep breath in through you nose.

As you exhale, gently slide your shark-fin hand down the middle of your face, closing your eyes or looking down.

The Sharkfin

Softly "shhhhh" yourself as your hand rests over your heart.


Click onto Allessi's picture below to practice Loving Kindness with Jackson.

Have you done Legs Up The Wall today>

Mindfulness is even MORE important during the pandemic because our feelings might be bigger and stronger than ever.

Listen, enjoy, and learn.

Practicing yoga helps to keep the spine healthy and strong.

We have 33 vertabrae in our spine. They are what makes it possible to sit and walk tall.

This is what can happen over time if you do not stretch and strengthen the muscles of your back.