Elementary Science

NISD Instructional Expectations for Elementary Science

At NISD we are committed to student success through teaching, learning, creativity and innovation. We do this every day through engaging students in purposeful utilization of technology resources and research-based creative instructional strategies which includes Workshop Model, Learning Targets, Notebooks/Journals, Anchor Charts and Word Walls.

New Science teacher Trainings

Science Safety in Elementary Schools

All elementary science teachers are required to attend a science safety training course. We have two options for teachers! The ENGAGE Conference will provide a safety session on July 30, 2019 at 1:00 pm that will fulfill the science safety training. Teachers may instead complete an online training course through TEA Texas Gateway. The link to the right will take you to the site. You must sign up for an account, complete the course and then upload the certificate to Edugence to fulfill the training requirement. All teachers must complete the science safety course prior to the first progress report of the year. Training must be updated every 5 years.

Optional Trainings Offered at ENGAGE Conference

Planning with your HMH Digital Resources

This session will focus on introducing teachers to the wealth of resources in our online platform, Think Central. This is the digital companion to HMH Science Fusion and our workbooks. Teachers will learn how to assign digital lessons, virtual labs, and leveled readers. Teachers will also be introduced to the "At home" connection letters, student vocabulary cards, vocabulary support and Spanish resources.

Making Observations

Making observations is a key foundation for the methods and activities all scientists use to better understand the natural world. This session helps participants directly engage students with nature through scientific observation. It provides participants with basic skills, behaviors and tools to use with students to help them become curious. Teaching students to make careful observations leads them to develop emotional connections with science and nature. Helping students to cultivate a mindset of engaging with their surroundings gives them a valuable life skill. Many teachers have found these tools transformative for their instructional practice and in helping shift the attention from the instructor onto student-student and student-nature interactions.

Kelly Suarez

Elementary Science Curriculum Coordinator



During the school year you will be offered the opportunity to participate in New Teacher Academy where you will visit other mentor teachers' classrooms, participate in hands on investigations from curriculum, and have additional time to plan for instruction. These dates will be communicated through the curriculum department or campus administration.