Elementary Math

"Teachers are the guardians of spaces that allow students to breathe and be curious and explore the world and be who they are without suffocation. Students deserve one place where they can rumble with vulnerability and their hearts can exhale.

And what I know from the research is that we should never underestimate the benefit to a child of having a place to belong-even one-where they can take off their armor. It can and often does change the trajectory of their life." Brene' Brown

Jaime Garcia

Elementary Math Coordinator



Welcome to Northwest ISD! What an honor and privilege it is to partner with you as you begin your journey toward ensuring mathematical success for all students.

Balanced Mathematics

The skills developed through the math workshop build students’ capacity to be successful problem solvers when they enter into problem solving block. Students who are comfortable working independently, embrace the productive struggle, and apply prior learning to new problems and situations.

Elementary mathematics Coaches

Jill Lucero jill.lucero@nisdtx.org


Madeline Price madeline.price@nisdtx.org


Nicole Young nyoung@nisdtx.org


Welcome to NISD! We are beyond thrilled to have you join our amazing math family! We look forward to getting to know each of you as we collaborate to ensure each child reaches his/her full potential. Please do not hesitate to reach out should you need anything at all. We are always happy to help in any way possible!

The mist

Come explore all the awesomeness that occurs inside a math classroom, catch up on our latest Math Corner newsletter, explore ways in which technology might support your instruction, find out about the most recent math articles or professional books, and stay abreast of state and national math conferences. Click here to access your one stop shop created by your Mathematics Instructional Support Teachers (MIST)!

summer Professional Learning

There is a plethora of professional learning opportunities available for you this summer. Three sessions that we encourage you to consider are the following:

Your Mathematical Mindset Matters

This session will focus on the work of Dr. Jo Boaler and Carol Dweck’s research on having a growth mindset in math, transforming students' (and some adults') thinking about mathematics. We will cover strategies and activities to help show children, even those who believe they are bad at math, that they can enjoy and succeed in math!

Unpacking the TEKS

What is it that our students must know and be able to do in a K-5 math classroom? This session will allow you to examine your grade level TEKS, while also having a focus on vertical alignment. You will gain a fresh perspective on how to plan your math instruction as you deconstruct the math TEKS for language of the discipline, critical models/representations and understandings of mathematical relationships.

Orchestrating Purposeful Talk in the K-5 Classroom

Participants will learn and use six talk move to advance student discourse forward. This session will also provide an overview of the 5 practices needed to move a classroom discussion from teacher led to student led. The 5 practices will support teachers to use students' responses to advance the mathematical understanding of the class as a whole. Come find out how!

NEw Teacher Academy

During the school year you will be offered the opportunity to participate in New Teacher Academy where you will visit other mentor teachers' classrooms, engage in reflective practices regarding instruction, collaborate and connect with other new teachers across the district, and have additional time to plan for instruction. These dates will be communicated through the curriculum department or campus administration.