UK Standards for Public Involvement

Cogs representing each of the six UK Standards

The standards are:

• A framework for what good public involvement in research looks like and are adaptable to different situations;

• Designed to encourage reflection and learning, including where lessons have been learned when public involvement has failed to lead to expected outcomes;

• A tool to help people and organisations identify what they are doing well, and what needs improving;

• Intended to be used with any method or approach to public involvement in research.

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Offer public involvement opportunities that are accessible and that reach people and groups according to research needs.

Work together in a way that values all contributions, and that builds and sustains mutually respectful and productive relationships.

Offer and promote support and learning opportunities that build confidence and skills for public involvement in research.

Involve the public in research management, regulation, leadership and decision making.

Use plain language for well-timed and relevant communications, as part of involvement plans and activities.

Seek improvement by identifying and sharing the difference that public involvement makes to research