About us

The Public Involvement Standards Development Partnership was established in July 2016 and brings together representatives from the Chief Scientist Office (Scotland), Health and Care Research Wales, the Public Health Agency (Northern Ireland) and the National Institute for Health and Research (England) working with an independent expert.

Ade Adebajo

NIHR INVOLVE Associate & Sheffield University & Barnsley Hospital NHS Trust

Sally Crowe

Crowe Associates

Hothan Esmael

Senior Programme Manager, NIHR Central Commissioning Facility

Angela Martin

Lead for Public Involvement & Engagement, Research and Development Division, Welsh Government

Bob McAlister

Public Contributor, Health & Care Research Wales Public Delivery Board

Barbara Moore

Senior Public Involvement and Engagement Manager, Health and Care Research Wales Support Centre

Martin Quinn

Regional Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) Lead, Public Health Agency

Una Rennard


Paula Wray

Senior Public Involvement Manager, NIHR INVOLVE Coordinating Centre

Philippa Yeeles

Former Director of Involvement & Engagement at NIHR Central Commissioning Facility and previous member of the Standards Development Partnership (2016-18)