Social TV and Multiscreen

Users have access to the Social TV and Multiscreen at any time and any place with our mobile applications that provide the real experience of the interactive television.

Interactive TV Platform

It allows offering pay TV on all devices, enlarging the service coverage and continuing with the entertainment experience outside

Interactivity Line

Our original Interactive TV Platform offers distinguishing functionalities such as Time Shifting that allows moving the programming over time so that users may interrupt the content and continue watching it on time-shifted television. It has the Video OnDemand (VOD) content that allows the content recording and enables users to decide what to watch and when. Moreover, it offers Catch up TV that converts blocks of Live TV programs into VOD. The feature of moving the programming over the time enables users to watch previous TV programs, to commence watching a TV program as from the beginning, or to make a pause and continue watching a live TV program. Moreover, it bears a content recommendation function based on prior selections. Users may remain connected even when they use the interactive TV. They may use Facebook, post on its wall, obtain tweets directly on its TV as well as follow popular RSS feeds and be updated with the latest weather report.

Network Broadcast allows that such middleware operates within a mechanism composed of CAS, DRM, the current TV system (digital, OTT, IPTV) and that is compatible with the boxes or equipments of the users.

Interactivity Line


Since it is a scalable solution, it offers a very low CAPEX and a SELECTIVE OPEX since the price is the result of selected functionalities.



The user interface is customizable, very friendly and may have several designs. It may change its appearance, language, pin code, parental control and list of channels, add/delete user profiles, etc.


Operators may offer free or payable attractive TV widget for final users. It is an efficient way of increasing the operators’ revenues.


It allows the interactive TV on smartphones, tablets, Pcs and decoders.

Video on Demand

It offers VOD services generating many video packages for different types of invoicing.

Interactive Menu

The interactive menu of statistics of authorized users allows a follow-up of different events and most watched TV programs, recordings and movies. With the function of addressed advertisements activated, the data is analyzed and used for advertising purposes. The service providers may sell advertising spaces to agencies and sponsors interested in reaching a selected audience or users. The addressed advertising allows a more efficient and successful divulgation of products and offers the possibility of increasing their revenues by the selling of advertising spaces.


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