Our Technical Support Department is made up by highly qualified professionals on Digital Television. Their experience on the field allows having a department with methods that guarantee optimal response time.
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Customer Care Plus

The Customer Care Plus service aims to provide 24-hour access to tools, resources and knowledge to help mitigate risks that may arise in the stages of each process.


We have backup equipment in our offices. In the event of a contingency, the device is immediately replaced without affecting the operations.


We have state-of-the-art software and hardware to reproduce the conditions that are causing problems to customs and to provide a quick and effective solution.


The remote assistance minimizes the repair time. Moreover, an assistance service will be available for those needing technical advice, to make adjustments and reexamine the working conditions.


For each reported support event, we have an identification number in order to monitor the event by means of management software.


We offer a complete training service, with courses adapted to each product or system, so that our customers may have the sufficient autonomy to deal with the acquired solutions. We combine theoretical knowledge to understand the equipment’s operation with practical exercises for each participant.


"Having Network Broadcast´s Premium Support implies relying on the support of a Professional Service Team that meets the needs to guarantee business operation the 365 days of the year"

— Engineer Oscar Ramirez, Cable Plus

"Network Broadcast is the partner for a company that is always trying to improve”

— Engineer Edson Ferraz, CTBC Brazil, stated.

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