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Boxes Line

It allows the inclusion of different functionalities and has the support of the trademark leader in the market. It offers the possibility of selecting the applications to be placed at the screen, changing the business model.

Why Android? Our technological vision foresees that the STB will end being an application within the connected TV (STB virtualization); and therefore, we decide to develop this platform, firstly because it is gaining market; thus sooner or later, it will be an important player in the connected TV. This guarantees that the investment currently made, will be useful in the future. Network Broadcast commercializes an app for STB and then such app is downloaded in a connected TV and it continues being used. In the event Linux or other platform is used, everything that is nowadays used will not be useful and there shouldl be a start from scratch with Android.

Android Line Boxes

Future Solutions

¿What are the other benefits offered by Android?


It allows unifying the user´s experience, in the TV through the STB Android provided by Network Broadcast as well as in the Android devices (tablets, mobile phones, TV and other devices).


The Network Broadcast devices have connectivity support by LAN, 3G or WI FI, enabling different business models. Moreover, it supports hybrid models making the unification of technology possible.


It reduces the time of the development of new applications. If you have not decided to invest before, this platform allows having the latest of the market quickly.

Air Mouse Technology

Our boxes line bears advanced remote controllers supporting the “air mouse” technology, wireless audio connectivity, whether by an incorporated microphone to use the social applications to speak (such as Skype) or with incorporated headphones to listen to music without bothering others.

Future Investment

It supports 4K or ultra HD, guaranteeing that the investment made today will remain effective when this technology is massively introduced in the market. Furthermore, it supports the in and out HDMI technology for new business models.


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