Digitization with

fast investment return

Scalability at low cost

and less time

Bromteck Line

The Bromteck line offers a fast investment return. When a digital head should be mounted without having a relevant budget, placing the head-end Bromteck equipment, the investment is recovered faster than with other product line. Besides, it is a scalable solution that allows a gradual increase based on the operator’s needs.


Modular Solution

It allows digitizing the packages on HD and the other content continues in analogy until the budget allows so, but a signal package is offered on Digital HD.


High availability and low cost in the operation. With CAS Bromteck we do not depend from smart cards because it allows licenses, reducing the unit cost per subscriber. Moreover, the delivery time of licenses is exponentially shorter than the card.


Higher scalability on less time and low cost. We can quickly face the peak demand by reducing time; and therefore, improve the service of customers towards their subscribers.

High density

It is a high-density solution with many functions concentrated by rack unit minimizing the required space. Furthermore, the energy consumed and dissipated by these devices is also less.


The management interface is a cutting-edge interface, the environment is completely graphical and the functionalities are administered from it and not from a command line. It allows relating user data with numbers of smart cards/license; and therefore, the operator saves part of the included CRM.


It supports advanced security without smart card, thus it allows obtaining the highest possible security without an unnecessary cost of the card hardware.


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