NCHS Writing Center

Our Mission

The New Canaan High School Writing Center, located in room 214, was created to help students achieve their academic goals for any assignment that involves writing, reading or research. The Center is staffed each period every day by a team of English and Social Studies teachers. The Writing Center focuses primarily on:

  • providing one-on-one writing conferences for students in all grades
  • providing sophomores with reading and writing strategies that will help them meet graduation standards
  • assisting seniors with college application essays
  • assisting sophomores and juniors with research-based reading and writing projects
  • improving writing and reading performance on benchmark assessments through programmed activities in Social Studies and English classes

About the Writing Center

The Writing Center, formerly the Academic Center, opened in 2001 with the goal of providing individualized support to all students who wanted to improve their writing performance and reading skills in classes across the curriculum. Since that time, the Writing Center has continued to add services, helping students meet graduation standards for writing, reading and research, and collaborating with the English and Social Studies departments to prepare students for CAPT and, more recently, state SBAC assessments.

Students have traditionally used the Writing Center in two ways: they drop in for one-on-one writing conferences; or they confer with a Writing Center teacher by appointment as part of a collaboration with their classroom teacher. In addition, selected students are assigned to the Center on an alternate-day basis for individualized assistance in meeting graduation standards.