Napa County Teacher Induction Program

Cultivating a community of lifelong learners through continuous reflection and collaboration.

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Welcome to Napa County Teacher Induction Program!


You have worked hard to earn your Preliminary California Teaching credential, and now are eligible to enroll in Napa County Teacher Induction Program. Our program offers a comprehensive approach to earning your California clear credential for General Education and Education Specialists. How do we do it?

  • Site-based, job-embedded support from a skilled mentor for individualized support and growth

  • Grounded in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs)

  • Collaboration with a mentor, site administrator, and induction leadership to set professional growth goals in an Individual Learning Plan

  • Successive cycles of inquiry targeted in the candidate's self- selected area for growth in the teaching practice

  • Professional learning activities designed to cultivate a reflective practice


DOCEBO Learning Platform

Find all your induction eLearning courses and live webinars on the Docebo learning platform. If you need assistance with login, please contact our office directly for information and direction.

Program Assistant

Please contact our office directly for assistance:

Jaina Sebastian | Program Assistant | (707) 253-3944

Program Manager

If you need more than an email exchange, make an appointment for a phone call or video conference with Program Manager, Jill Barnes.


Please refer to the Induction 2022-23 calendar of sessions for live webinar dates and times. On this calendar you will find:

2022-23 Induction Session Calendar

  • Candidate Sessions (candidate & mentor attend)

  • Mentor Sessions (mentor ONLY attend)

To attend a session:

  • determine which option best fits the calendar for attendees

  • add it to your calendar

  • login to Docebo to access webinar link and materials for attendance

Webinars are offered on Mondays and Thursday and start at 4:00. Mentor only webinars are coded yellow, and candidate & mentor webinars are coded blue. Optional office hours are offered to support your work throughout the year and are coded green.


For your reference, our NCTIP Handbook details the following information:

NCTIP Handbook 2022-23.pdf

  • Welcome letter & FAQs

  • Candidate Application and Commitment Form

  • Mentor Application and Commitment Form

  • Site Administrator Recommendation and Commitment Form

  • Program Overview

  • Program Sequence

  • Early Completion Option Application

  • Grievance Procedure

  • Induction Units


Newsletters are sent weekly through Constant Contact. Please reach out to our office directly if you are not receiving the newsletters. They are archived here for your convenience.


WEEK 1: 8/22/22