Please see below the "Mission Statement" listed on the home page for information regarding your student's immunizations

Nurse Contact Information

Miller Elementary School - Christine Wroblewski, RN, BSN. Email -

Homer Iddings Elementary School - Samirra Patterson, RN, BSN. Email, ext. 5742.

Jonas E. Salk Elementary School - Kari Pruim, RN. Email -

John Wood Elementary School - Julie Brack, RN. Email -

Henry P. Fieler Elementary School - Donna Anthony, RN, ADN. Email -, ext. 5740.

Merrillville Intermediate School - Janice Witkowski, RN. Email -

Clifford Pierce Middle School - Kalliope Papamihalakis, RN. Email -

Merrillville High School - Amanda Breitweiser, RN. Email -

Welcome to the Merrillville Community School Corporation Nursing Website!

Hello Parents & Students!

Welcome to the MVSC Nursing Website!

Mission Statement

The mission of the M.C.S.C. School Nurses is to enhance the educational potential of all students by promoting health and wellness in a safe and supportive environment.

Our goal is to provide evidence based and safe health care practices in partnership with students, families, and staff.

We are dedicated to providing safe and developmentally appropriate health care as a means of supporting the overall health and well-being of all students so that they can be fully engaged in their academic instruction.




PARENTS! You can now access your student's immunization records at the following link listed below!

When to keep your child home from school

Please do not send your child to school when they are not feeling well. We are still in the mist of the ongoing pandemic, and the spread of the Delta variant is 10 times more contagious.

If you are giving your child medication before coming to school, they should be staying home.

If your child has been diagnosed with allergies that could be misconstrued as COVID-19 symptoms, please get in touch with your school nurse. A signed medical form from your physician is all the school nurse needs to be able to keep your child in school.

Your school nurses are dedicated to ensure that each and every student is healthy and safe while attending school. We appreciate your patience and consideration as we continue through this difficult, challenging and changing time.

Please feel free to contact your school nurse at any time.