Broncos Empowered - Employee Wellness

Self-Care for Staff. Make It More Than Just a Buzzword.

When we reflect on recent school years, we can’t help but be awed at how hard you worked to ensure successful learning occurred for all of our students; you are truly superheroes in the classroom. But, in the quest to be the constant encourager for our students and their families, did your own wellness fall lower on the priority list?

No matter our role, it requires us to be balanced to be effective. This is why we’re excited to launch our new commitment to staff wellness called B.E. (Broncos Empowered). On this website, we will share wellness tips and create a virtual staff resource hub.

Our goal is to empower you with resources to engage in self-care strategies; we all must recognize that "self-care" is not a bad or buzz word, but is an essential part of our overall health. With so many resources available on self-care and health & wellness, we hope to provide you a site full of curated resources that will help those who are just curious about the topic or those who are fully aware.

Please know that the information provided is not a substitute for professional advice.
If you feel that you may need medical advice, please consult a qualified health care professional.

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