Our Mission

We are a diverse group of professional educators with over a century of combined experience and a passion for bringing cutting edge practices to every classroom. We are teachers, professors, doctoral candidates, researchers, linguists, writers, poets, and lovers of all things language. Most importantly, we are ELATEd. We are "Elevating Language Arts through Technology and Education."

Teaching got you tired? You’ve considered getting a caffeine drip or napping on the floor on your prep hour? First thing you do when you get home is fall on your bed or the couch? Feel like you’re drowning in work? It’s time for a radical teaching change that will free your time and engage your students. Learn how to create and track self-paced learning projects for f2f and online learning. Imagine what it would be like to “coach” from the sidelines while students work rather than teach all day and take piles of work home! Candace has a way for you to transform your teaching so you have time for life outside of work.

Visit Kristie's page to find out how she has "flipped the script" on a traditionally lecture-based first-year writing curriculum to empower students to take control of their learning and free instructors up for a more personalized learning approach.

Visit Powell's page to explore various practices he's found effective in teaching in multiple modalities, particularly in student-centered online writing courses, using learning consortia and individualizing instruction.

Visit Tim's page to learn how to create meaningful short-form video content that serves your English language learners. Tim shares theoretical foundations, step-by-step instructions, and best practices to guide your first steps into your ESL content creation journey on platforms like Tiktok and Instagram!

Visit Brooke's page to learn how she engages and motivates second language learners through the use of authentic materials, situations, and assignments.

Visit Kate's page and discover what the buzz is about collaborative, experiential learning for online adult learners. Through the cultivation of safe and nurturing learning communities using constructivist theoretical principles, your teaching can influence students in positive ways.

Visit Meredith's page to discover both tried and true and innovative practices in remote post-secondary ESL tutoring , service-learning, and incorporating WebQuests into your lessons.

Visit Leanne's page to get ideas for developing multimodal writing assignments for ESL and first-year Writing courses and transforming more traditional writing assignments into broader projects that utilize technology in meaningful ways that deepen students' experiences and learning.

New to online learning? Hesitant about navigating resources and tools within the online platform? Fearful that you will lose your charisma for teaching behind the computer screen? Visit Seana’s page to discover how to establish an inviting online classroom, think outside the “online” box, and find inspiration along the way to keep the motivational flame going.

Want to learn how to elevate your education game and reach even your highest achievers? Then check out Heather's page and enter the world of problem-based learning and critical thinking in the AP/GT classroom!

Burnt out? You're not alone...

Visit Benny's page to learn about his drive for adventure, meditation, and creativity, exploring how self-care and leisure can help educators manage their social and emotional wellness and avoid burnout. There's no mountain to tall to climb! Come—grab a seat by the fire, but don't forget to bring your sneakers.