Student Research GUIDE

Millville Public Schools | Grades 6-12

What process do you need to follow to perform research?

What are the research requirements for each grade level?

What are the rules for using the MLA format?

What is plagiarism and how do you avoid it?

In an effort to support the New Jersey Learning Standards (NJLS) and the use of technology in all subject areas, this interactive Student Research Guide is provided for use. This guide builds a scaffold of research and documentation skills from 6th through 12th grade which supports the expectations of the NJLS.

This interactive guide will serve as a reference for teachers, students, and guardians to assist in the process of conducting academic level research, reviewing the recommended requirements for each grade level research project, formatting assignments in the proper MLA style, and how to avoid committing plagiarism, as well as various other tasks associated with proper research.

This manual was originally compiled by Patti Atkinson, Beth Benfer, Heather Birnstiel, Meg Finney, and Kelly Gandy in 2017. It was adapted from the Fayette County Schools Research Paper Survival Guide.