Shaghayegh takes control of her life

By Marjan Yazdi

Marjan Yazdi

Yazd, Iran



Accepting that her life has been difficult, she chooses to embrace a positive future.

Shaghayegh is a yoga practitioner and a mindfulness enthusiast. She describes her past self as “a girl who was lazy with no goals in life and never motivated to take on any responsibility.” The turning point in her life came when she was introduced to mindfulness. She joined a retreat program in India three years ago and according to her, the “new Shaghayegh” was born on the last day of the program on that retreat. Now a yoga instructor and mindfulness coach, Shaghayegh helps others with their spiritual journeys.

After finishing an acupuncture session in the morning, Shaghayegh drives to a cafe where she frequently gets her coffee.

Shaghayegh gets ready to go out. If she’s not coaching, she runs and participates in yoga classes. Having daily plans is one of the ways she stays productive and creates balance in her life.

Every Friday, Shaghayegh has a meditation session with her mom and her friend. She finds these sessions very calming as finishes the busy week and prepares for a new week.

At her apartment, Shaghayegh teaches a yoga class. She tries to get her friends to join her classes to improve their personal, mental and physical well-being.

Shaghayegh routinely visits the acupuncturist for her muscle aches. She believes that she needs the treatment to calm the pain that the intense exercises cause her.

Shaghayegh walks up the stairs with her new plant. After her retreat, she discovered her love for plants.

Shaghayegh goes on a routine stroll with Gabriel around the city before she starts teaching. Shaghayegh takes Gabriel for a walk twice daily.

Shaghayegh sits in her living room while her dog, Gabriel. He is one of the biggest joys in her life.

Shaghayegh and Zohreh met through a program a few years back. They have been through similar past life challenges and have always been supportive of each other.

Ever since Shaghayegh started her healthier lifestyle, she goes for a daily run.