Nathan Myers



Phone: 707-865-2266 Office Extension 105

Name Title Email

Terri Wendt District Secretary

Phone: 707-865-2266 Office Extension 103

TBD District Clerk

Phone: 707-865-2266 Office Extension 102

Pam McDaniel Human resources

Phone: 707-865-2266 Office Extension 106

Onie Garcia Business Manager

Phone: 707-865-2266 Office Extension 106

Teaching Staff

TK/K Multigrade

Jessica Freedenburg email:

Phone: 707-865-2266 Extension 107

Class Website:

Image not available for Ms. Kleimo

1/2 Multigrade

Vanessa Alexander email:

Jane Kleimo email:

Phone: 707-865-2266 Extension 108

Class Website:

3/4 Multigrade

Alex Lepf email:

Phone: 707-865-2266 Extension 110

Class Website:

RSP Teacher Learning Center

Sharon Dugan email:

Phone: 707-865-2266 Extension 114

Middle School 5th - 8th Grade Math/Science/PE/Health

Laura Barnard email:

Phone: 707-865-2266 Extension 111

Class Website:

Middle School 5th - 8th Grade English / Humanities

Vivian Diaz email:

Phone: 707-865-2266 Extension 109

Class Website:

Ancillary Staff


Nancy Saxe TK/K

Heather Rawson 1/2 and MS

Michael Zocchetti 3/4 and MS

Enrichment Teachers/ Parent Leaders

Andrew DeVeny Music

Jessica McAdams Drama

Roger Collins Programming / Tech

Additional Staff

Noel McCue Bus Driver / Library Clerk

Gail King Bus Driver

Debra Kuziara Counselor

Kathleen Young Custodian/ Food Service Director

Jeff Young Head of Maintenance

Cathy Ferland Nurse

Phoebe Fox Speech