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Surrounded by nature, on the edge of a forest, with real grass in its field, Monte Rio Union School is a beautiful gem in the west county. We are an inclusive K-8 school, for anyone in the Guerneville - Monte Rio - Cazadero area! Monte Rio School is small, providing lots of time for one on one time for students with their teachers. We have a brilliant garden, providing delicious and nutritious food for all grades. And lastly, we are very community involved, with fundraisers, shows, and occasional plays.

Equipment and book pickup on Monday, March 30 from 11AM - 1PM ONLY in the gym for students as needed. Please practice social distancing and have only one person at a time come in. Thank you!

Electronic Distance learning is now in place for our students until May 1st, and packets will be online or emailed as needed. Contact your teacher with questions.

COVID-19 Updates

Hello Monte Rio families,

I hope you are finding ways to keep busy while socially distancing yourself from others. In an attempt to keep you updated in this time in which events are constantly changing, I will send out periodic emails with various information as it pertains to our school.

1. Governor Newsom’s Statement (re: School Closures)

During a press conference two days ago, Governor Newsom made a comment suggesting that schools could possibly not reopen this school year and would remain closed until the 2020-21 school year. Please note: this is not an official order and no Sonoma County school has decided to close for the remainder of the school year. At this time, the consensus of Sonoma County school leaders is that we will work under the current shelter-in-place order and make decisions as conditions change.

2. CDE Guidance

CDE hosted a webinar yesterday to provide further guidance during shelter in place order. The information presented has been summarized in a CDE webpage which shares current resources and guidance for K-12 schools in relation to the COVID-19 crisis. The key points from State Superintendent, Tony Thurmond are as follows:

· We will continue to provide education. This guidance is about how to do that and is subject to change.

· School is not out, but we are finding a new way to deliver it.

· The Governor’s Executive Order provides for all schools to continue to receive funding to pay staff and support critical services.

· CDE will be putting together working groups to support meal service, childcare, etc.

· Additional guidance from CDE will come regularly on Fridays.

Please visit this link for more information:

Monte Rio will be partnering with El Molino and other West County School Districts to provide meals to any student under the age of 18. Currently locations for this food pick up are not known but we are looking at possibly 2 centralized locations. We are also looking at ways to continue our Food Bank services. Nancy and Libby have been doing a great job and have helped so many of us over the past weeks, and now, more than ever, we are hoping to support our community. We will keep you posted when we receive more information on delivering food for your families.

3. Online Parent Portal/At Home Lessons

Our teachers are already developing multiple lessons for your children as they are away from school. We are not suspending learning, just finding new ways to educate our students. Please check your email at 11:00am on Monday to find lessons for your children to work on at home. This work is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED as to ensure skills already learned are not lost. Some lessons may need to be picked up at the office. If so come by the School Office between the hours of 11:00am - 2:00pm to pick up any books, handouts or supplies needed to complete the assignments. It is important to arrive during these hours as our office will be closed for the next few days after this. As this crisis continues, we may adjust this form of delivery but for now we will continue to assign new work every Monday. It is important that you establish a daily routine for your children at home. Example:

9:00 - Mental Math

9:15 - Math Skills Practice Sheet

9:30 - Math Assignment

10:00 - Break

10:30 - Read

11:00 - Writing

11:30 - Break

1:00 - Freckle Assignments

Please do not hesitate to contact your teacher for questions or support. They are all eager to help and will contact you with their "Office Hours".

4. SCOE Resources & FAQs

If you were not already aware, SCOE also has a webpage to share resources related to Coronavirus. Feel free to share this webpage. One of the links available on the SCOE webpage includes this document (Coronavirus Resources for Families) which has resources curated by the SCOE Crisis Assistance and Resilience Education (CARE) team.

Thank you to everyone for staying calm and keeping a level head. We will get through this together and be stronger for it.

Mr. Myers


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