Desperately seeking VOLUNTEERS for Science STEM NIGHT! Friday, August 23 (5:30 - 9:00).

1) People to come!

2) Donation of picnic salads, condiments, and paper goods (Mr. Collins and Mr. Myers are BBQ'g! YUM!)

3) Extra overnight chaperone EYES to help Mr. Myers and Ms. B if you are staying with your family!

4) Someone to trim / Cut carpet tubes into smaller lengths by Wednesday.

5) Supplies for science projects and art. List coming out Monday afternoon for specific items I don't have. (i.e. 40 lbs of ice, ziplock bags, etc.)

Thank You!!!

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Parent club Meeting: Now on the First Friday of the month starting on September 6th right after morning drop off (8:30)!

Volunteer opportunities: See the class coordinators!

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