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May 12, 2021

Dear Employees, Parents, and Community Members,

We are pleased to announce the conclusion of the search for our next superintendent/principal. We have selected Edward Navarro as our final candidate. At the next regularly scheduled Board meeting on Tuesday, May 18th, the Board will review a contract and then take action to approve an employment agreement.

Using all of the input we received from many people, the Board spent many long and thoughtful hours reading applications, matching qualifications for the position, developing interview questions based on the search criteria to identify a slate of candidates to consider. Our Advisory Committee worked very hard interviewing and discussing in detail the strengths and potential concerns of each candidate, and then providing suggestions for our consideration. We are pleased to report that we concur with the Advisory Committee’s recommendations. A sincere and profound thank you to Sumer Withers, Natalie Marchitiello, Vanessa Alexander, Laura Bernard, Libby Rabellino, Terri Wendt, Onie Garcia and Barbara Bickford for their dedication to the process.

Our Board interviewed and discussed the very excellent candidates recommended to us by the Advisory Committee. Ultimately Ed was chosen from a highly qualified field following a very rigorous selection process. Mahoney Consulting called fifteen references regarding Ed; all reported he is stellar. The criminal background investigation, Megan’s Law check, and Department of Motor Vehicle check all came back spotless.

Mr. Navarro is currently the principal for two schools, Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School (SRACS) and Rincon Valley Middle School (RVMS) in Santa Rosa, California where he has learned to lead by building relationships with students, staff, families, and the community. He is very proud of the work he has accomplished during his time as principal. Mr. Navarro comes to us with many years of experience in education. He started his teaching career here at Monte Rio School during the 1995-96 school year. While at Monte Rio, he taught middle school English, 7th grade history, drama, art, and a number of other elective classes. He understands and loves the Monte Rio School culture. After leaving Monte Rio School, he spread his wings and has worked in several different school districts, but has spent the last 20 years in Santa Rosa City Schools building his skills and experiences along the way. He has been the leadership teacher, activities director, head wrestling coach, English department chair as well as sitting on several district leadership committees. He started in administration in 2015 when he was the assistant principal at Montgomery High School where he was in charge of Student Support Teams, 504 plans, and the handling of disciplinary issues using the Restorative Model.

Being a principal of two schools has been a rewarding challenge. He has led both schools to provide engaging, rigorous and relevant course study. His student populations have strong school spirit and feel empowered to succeed academically as well as social emotionally. During his tenure as principal, he has led through some very challenging times. During the 2017 Tubbs fire, Mr. Navarro’s school community was terribly impacted. One hundred and twenty-six of his students, as well as some staff members lost their homes. He, along with his team, was able to get the schools reopened. He knew that his top priority was to support his students’ social emotional needs upon their return to school. It was a long process, but he is very proud of the work he accomplished during this extremely difficult period.

In all of these roles, Ed Navarro has demonstrated a commitment to being data and relationship driven. He considers himself to be a lead learner because he likes to dream, explore, identify, and come up with solutions for issues alongside his school community. Mr. Navarro is highly skilled in the areas of developing school systems, building relationships, establishing trust, communicating with clarity and authenticity, leading with integrity and supporting all staff while looking through the lens of “what is best for the students in the room”.

Ed Navarro has been described as a school leader who hasn’t forgotten what it is like to be a teacher. One of his teachers stated that she appreciates how approachable Ed is. She also said that Ed is candid and professional as well as filled with heart and compassion. Mr. Navarro's leadership style is very relational. He understands the importance of building strong relationships with all stakeholders in the school community.

Ed is married and has two children, an 18-year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter. He lives in Santa Rosa where he loves to garden and entertain family and friends. Ed is beyond thrilled to be returning to the Monte Rio School community which he loves and can’t wait to re-immerse himself into. He is honored to have been chosen to lead this gem of a district.

Although the official start date for Ed will be July 1, he will hopefully be able to transition a few days before then.

The Board would also like to thank Nate Myers for his dedication and service to our school for the past five years. The Board wishes Nate a long, happy and healthy life and is grateful for his years spent striving to make a difference for children and adults here in Monte Rio.

We look forward to a smooth transition and are excited for Ed to meet our outstanding students, staff, teachers, parents and community members.


Roger Collins

Roger Collins

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