Math & Science Class

Welcome to your math and science website! I will try to keep it clear and concise so that you can find everything you need. Here you will find links to your resources, current news articles to use for your project ideas, and project forms and homework sheets if you need to print them at home.

Just for 5th Grade

5th grade is the HARDEST class in our middle school. You will have to learn to keep organized, move rooms between classes, and deal with lockers and multiple schedules.

Quick tips:

Keep your agenda up to date, and write every assignment on your to do list. Have your parents check it and sign it at LEAST once a week (Class credit!)

Keep organized. Have a work space at home, keep your backpack and locker organized.

Use the after school Home Work Club everyday - even if it is for catching up on your reading.

Log on to weekly so you track your progress.


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