Welcome to Christiansburg Elementary School Physical Education!

Dear CES Families,

I am very excited to continue working with your family to promote healthy lifestyle activities! Last year, students participated in Dance, Volleyball, and Just Run clubs, attended field trips to the Christiansburg Recreation Center (3rd), a RU Basketball Game (4th), and the Christiansburg Aquatics Center (5th), hosted visits from CHS Wrestling, CHS Volleyball, and RU Basketball. We also enjoyed special events, such as our CES Wellness Challenge, Jump Rope for Heart, Rev Your Bev Challenge, and Field Day. Let’s build on these activities in keeping our students healthy and engaged!

I want share several items below that will help your child get off to a terrific start.

Please have your child wear comfortable gym shoes on these two days. It is very difficult and unsafe to participate in dress shoes, boots, sandals, flip flops or crocs.

If your daughter wears a dress or skirt, please encourage her to wear shorts underneath for comfort and convenience.

Please send a note if your child is sick on a P.E. day. This note is helpful so that I can have an adult version of what is occurring. If a doctor writes an excuse, please ask for specific restrictions which might allow for an adapted version of an activity.

All students need to exhibit cooperative behavior, move under control, and use equipment properly. As a former middle and high school coach, I always looked for players who were respectful toward others, even in competitive situations.

Students are encouraged to stay active outside of school. This may include riding a bike, playing tag, hiking, swimming, walking the dog, or playing on an team.


Jeff Stuart