MNHA Membership Range Days

You must be a MNHA member to use the range on Membership Range Days.
(Not a member?  Fill out an application and bring it with you along with the membership fee.)


Please read this page for important information to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable shoot.

Membership range days are listed below.  On MD State Qualification dates, the range will be physically divided to create a separate shooting area for MNHA members.  Special guidelines will be in place and briefed prior to departure to the range.

The North Tract Refuge gate opens at 8:00 and the chief range safety officer requests that everyone meet at the Hunting Control Station by 8:15.  Member shoot participants will drive over to the range as a group at 8:30. Those arriving late (after the group has left for the range) will not be admitted to the range as the electronic gate to the range will be locked at that time and no one will be working the Hunting Control Station.  After the shoot, the group will leave together as no one will be available to escort those leaving early through the electronic gate.


The range will go "hot" from approximately 9:00 until 12:00 depending on member turn out and Government Range Officer direction.

Due to liability constraints EVERYONE must fill out a visitor log to use the range.

People using the range must setup their own tables, chairs, and targets.

Ranges: Range 8 is 50 yards maximum and Range 9 is 300 yards maximum.  (Range 9 is only used on the MNHA Volunteer Appreciation Day.)

Firearms: Most firearms are permitted: pistols, shotguns, hunting rifles,  small bore rifles, and black powder guns.   Air rifles and pellet guns are permitted.  

Prohibited Firearms:  Full/selectable automatic weapons, .50 cal rifles (except muzzle loaders), 50 BMGs, and similar firearms that could create an unsafe condition.

Targets: Shooters must supply their own targets; paper targets are preferred.  Hanging and spinning steel targets may be used so long as they do not create a ricochet hazard, they must be placed at least 25 yards away from the firing line. Metal small caliber/pellet rifle target frames/bullet traps may be used with proper weapons and may be placed within 10 yards of the firing line, so long as they do not create a ricochet hazard.  Plastic bottles are permitted.  

Prohibited Targets: Anything containing glass, explosive targets of any kind, and targets deemed a ricochet hazard (e.g., truck tires, cast iron frying pans). 

No targets may be placed above the vertical center of the safety berm for the safety of other refuge visitors.

MNHA has target frames, but there is no guarantee of their condition. Shooters are encouraged to bring their own target frames.

Clean Up: When the range day is complete, everyone is expected to clean the range and return any borrowed equipment to its proper location.  All materials placed on the ranges must be completely removed before leaving (including plastic and clay target material).  

Requests are automatically deleted and you will not recieve a response.  Thank you for your understanding.