Hunting Maps

Below are PDF files of maps of varies hunting areas located on Patuxent Research Refuge.  Do not solely rely on these maps as they are just a guide to acclimate you with hunting boundaries / areas. 

These maps are not to scale.  You should always carry a compass, cell phone, GPS device, and any other item that can assist you on your hunt. Read and obey all signs that are posted on the refuge.  There is a satellite image of the refuge located inside the hunting control station (HCS) for you to reference. 

North Tract

North Tract Map.pdf

NT - Disabled Hunter Locations

(See Hunters with Disabilities  for pictures of the access points)


Central Tract - Schafer Farm

(Note: Parking is now at the entrance gate.)


South Tract

South Tract Map.pdf

NT - Turkey Zones

Turkey Map.pdf

Pond Locations

Central Tract HQ - Lottery Hunt Only

Central Tract Lottery Map.pdf

CT - Millrace (MR) (Lottery Hunts Only)

MR Map.pdf