Meade Natural Heritage Association

Meade Natural Heritage Association (MNHA) partners with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to provide the public with high-quality outdoor recreational experiences at the Patuxent Research Refuge (PRR).  MNHA manages hunting activities on the PRR to assist with the management of wildlife in accordance with the PRR Hunting Plan. Our unique partnership increases and improves hunting access and opportunities with an emphasis on under-represented groups such as women, minority, youth, disabled, and veteran hunters.

The Latest News

Range Lead Abatement Project will Commence on Wednesday December 6.  FWS will be working on ranges 5 and 8 next week.  The project will begin on Wed Dec 6 and finish on Sat Dec 9.  Area D will NOT be closed, however, hunters should plan their hunt accordingly. This work ensures that the ranges remain available to MNHA members for our monthly range days. 

Firearms Season 11/5 - 12/9. Remember to wear your orange/pink.  Please be patient during check in - there will be a lot of hunters out there.

December Lottery Hunt.  The permit numbers have been selected for the December 16 Central Tract Lottery Hunt.  This is the AM hunt. Selected hunters have been notified by email. The selected permit numbers have been posted on the HCS bulletin board and the MNHA Website Central Tract Lottery Hunt .  If you were not picked for the lottery hunt, you may be able to participate as a standby hunter.  Any site that is not filled by a primary or alternate hunter by 05:30 will be filled by a standby hunter. (We will have a drawing to select standby hunters.)

Deer Harverst.  Check out some of the deer being harvested at PRR on the Trophy Case page.  

2024 Range Days. The MNHA Member Range Days and MD Qualification Range Days are posted.  

Reminder to close those gates!  Even though the PRR is closed to the general public, please close the gates behind you when you enter and when you leave your area.  

New Gate Procedures. The access keypad system at the North Tract gate on Bald Eagle Drive is operational.  The keypad is located on the pole on the left side of the gate (see photo).  The gate operates on a timer and will not open before 5AM.  If you have problems at the gate, call the HCS at 301-317-3819 and provide your permit number and name.  Please be patient as the HCS manager may have to come to the gate to open it for you.  All permit holders have been notified by email.  If you did not receive an email, please email Thank you for your cooperation. 

Checking out at night?  Please ask the HCS Manager if there's anyone that needs help with tracking/dragging a deer.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated. (If you've been in that situation, you know how exhausting it can be. It's like every fallen tree in the woods is between you and your vehicle.)

GUIDELINES CORRECTIONS AND CLARIFICATIONS. Please see the Guidelines page for corrections and clarifications.  This is updated as necessary.

We want your help to maintain and improve the refuge hunting habitat. Every third Sunday of the month (non-hunting season included) we help maintain the grounds of the refuge.  This is a great opportunity to give back to the PRR and the MNHA hunting community, meet fellow hunters, and peek around to see what the animals are doing.  Read more on the Volunteer Opportunities page or contact us at

We are not accepting deer donations for the Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry program until further notice.  

Area W is  CLOSED due to Wavyleaf Basketgrass until further notice.  FWS biologist are using this as a study area.  Please notify hunting control if you find this invasive grass species while hunting on the refuge.  Additional Wavyleaf Basketgrass information and pictures can be found here.

Not receiving our email messages? Please check your junk mail folder. If you don't see it there, send an email to  We'll verify your email address and add you to the list.

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