History of the Hayseeders

Who am I and why am I here?

My name is Violet Brown and I have been researching the Wayback Balls on Mount Desert Island.

My Senior Ex Presentation is on the history of the Hayseeders' Ball and Wayback Ball and how the culture of the island has been impacted by them and the people around. All my information is displayed on this webpage, starting with my journey and my progression throughout the process. I wanted to introduce the Ball first.

Hayseeders Ball

So this started in the late 1800s, it consisted of 40 Hayseeders, workers, farmers, locals on the Island. There were originally 7 different Balls on the Island This arose mainly out of spite for the rich, tourists and the summer people on the Island. Locals got tired of working the rich peoples Balls and made their our. They created something that would last over a century later.

Hulls Cove, Wayback Ball early 1900s

Balls of Mount Desert Island

Then and Now

  • Photographs from some of the first Wayback Balls over in Hulls Cove , knowns as the Clam City Waybackers.
94 hay.pdf

If any one invitation can describe my presentation this one covers it all!

This is the 100th anniversary invitation of the annual Hayseed's Ball, created by the original 40 Hayseeder's. Taken place in Bar Harbor Maine