McPherson Middle School Redesign

Students will be future ready through balanced, personal learning.

Social & Emotional Learning Academic Civic Engagement

Welcome to the McPherson Middle School Redesign Page!

Join us on our journey as we participate in the Kansans Can Redesign Initiative as a Mercury school.

Each page outlines our progress in each of the three goal areas for redesign at MMS:

McPherson Middle School Redesign Team Members 2018-2019

Brandon Simmelink - Principal

Inge Esping - Assistant Principal / Activities Director

TJ Jackson - SPED Teacher

JoRae Myers - Science

Jenny Vernon - English Language Arts

Sarah Hendricks - English Language Arts

Jackie Bohnenblust - Social Studies

Jeff Allmon - Guidance Counselor

Jacque Colgrove - Mathematics

Nicky Bowers - Art

LeeAnn Reiss - Active Engagement Coach

Melissa Sullivan - School Psychologist

Carol Nelson - District Education Technology Specialist

Shiloh Vincent - Executive Director of Secondary Education

Jay Scott - KSDE Secondary Redesign Specialist

2017-2018 Redesign Meetings

2017-2018 School Visits

10/3/2017 MS88 in New York

Jeff Allmon

Jackie Bohnenblust

Maria Loewen

Brandon Simmelink

MS 88 Core Values.pdf

11/3/2017 Tulsa MET JR/SR High School & McClure Elementary, Tulsa, OK

TJ Jackson

LeeAnn Reiss

Jacque Colgrove

Brandon Simmelink

Shiloh Vincent

2/13/2018 Capturing Kids Hearts, Goddard KS

Jason Fish

TJ Jackson

Wendy Gottwald

Sarah Hendricks

Jeff Almon

Kim Krase

Nicky Bowers

Brandon Simmelink

Shiloh Vincent

Gordon Mohn

4/6/2018 Woodland Park Middle School, Woodland Park Colorado

Bev Nye

JoRae Myers

Taryn Vetter

Jenny Vernon

Johanna Niehage

Jill Hultburg

David Hoffman

Miriam Griggs

Brandon Simmelink

Shiloh Vincent

4/6/2018 Capturing Kids Hearts, Jenkins Middle School, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Jenny Vernon

Johanna Niehage

Brandon Simmelink

Shiloh Vincent