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The mission of the Plum creek elementary Library will be to provide collaborative learning spaces where students can actively engage in inquiry and discovery-based projects. Promote skills for life long learning and instill a love of reading throughout our campus community. While aiming to provide teachers access to a plethora of media for implementation for innovative lessons with the guidance and collaboration of the Library Media Specialist.

As the hub of the school, the PCE library will be a welcoming environment for all students, teachers, family and community members.

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Story Book Pumpkin Patch - Let's have a patch of our own!

* Slide show Includes date to bring pumpkin which is Oct. 28th and book pumpkin examples.


1. Everyone is welcome to our library. The library is open all day and only closed for Mrs. Scott's

lunch duty and lunch. Open and closed signs are located next to both doors.

2. Enter from the first grade hall and exit to the main hall. This keeps us in the right frame of mind

for checking in and checking out our books.

3. All students check in and out their own books. Always make sure to scan the right bar code and

place books to be shelved on the shelving cart.

4. Books are due after two weeks but you are always able to renew if the book is not a popular title.

5. Chromebooks are always available to put books on hold, searching our online catalog or for

general inquiries.

6. If Mrs. Scott is teaching she may not be able to sign a book out to you if you have a fine. Please

leave your book and come back at a different time.

7. Even picture books are written at a high reading level. Don't leave them out of your reading options.

8. Step stools are provided for reaching higher areas not for play.

9. Keeping the bookshelves organized is not a one person job. When you're in the library it is okay

to put a book on the shelving cart if you don't know where it goes. Please turn books around so that the spine is showing, if you see them backwards, and never lay a book on top of shelved books.

10. No running in the library. There are many corners someone could be around and knocking heads

was not why they came to the library.


Library is Open

Checkout ALL DAY!

Closed During:

Mrs. Scott's Lunch & Lunch Duty:

10:45 - 11:45

Grade level Conference Tuesdays:

A week: 12:00 - 2:50

B week: 8:15 - 11:00

Please think about being one of our wonderful MENTORS:

Plum Creek Elementary School is requesting volunteers to mentor students. If you know of anyone that would like to volunteer It would require 30 min. of time once a week or more if a mentor prefers. We ask mentors to read with a student at each visit. Mentors do not have to have any affiliation with the school but will be required to have background checks before meeting with a student, which can be done online.

Please contact Kristin Scott, library media specialist at Plum Creek Elem. if interested., Library Office: 512-398-0579

or register here as a volunteer on the Lockhart ISD website under the parent's tab and specify our Plum Creek Elementary Campus and that you would like to Mentor.

Our students look forward to meeting and reading with you!

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