Littleton Middle School

From The Principal:

Friday, April 30, 2021

Hello LMS Families,

There was a lot of uncertainty following April break, but all pooled testing was negative and staff/students resumed their academic routines with excitement for the final push toward the end of the year. The month of May is jam-packed with MAP testing, MCAS, and final projects designed to prepare students for September. For those students who took the National Latin Exam, we have quite a few who earned recognition:

7th Grade

Perfect Score- Gold Summa Cum Laude

Kavya Kolukula

Silver- Maxima Cum Laude

Leonard Magin

Cum Laude

Elena Guertin

Samantha Corbeil

8th Grade

Silver- Maxima Cum Laude

Sohana Sachdev

Isabel McCurdy

Evan Mackay

Linus Kneeland

Callum MacNeill

Cum Laude

Mia Clements

Laci Oborski

Congratulations to the students above, and we hope to continue our success over the next few weeks. We have seven weeks until the end of the year and there will be a lot of information coming about the 8th grade moving-on ceremony, math recommendations, and MCAS testing. Until then, I hope you all have a great weekend!


From The Principal:

Friday, April 16, 2021

Hello LMS Families!

April break has finally arrived though the weather suggests otherwise! On behalf of everyone at Littleton Middle School, we wish you and your families a wonderful, relaxing, and joyous vacation. See you all on Monday, April 26!


From The Principal:

Friday, April 9, 2021

Hello LMS Families!

We finished our first five-day week of in-person school in more than a year! While it seems strange to type those words, I am so excited to take the next steps toward whatever "normal" we might face in the months and years to come. Students and staff have started to develop the routines that will carry us to the end of the year, and while we are seeing some of the adverse effects of such a long stretch of time in a remote world, we are confident in our ability to help students and staff return to the practices of previous years.

Today we received information from the state regarding spring MCAS testing and I will send out more information once we've established test dates and procedures. We will also send out new information regarding remote materials pick-up on Monday as well as any other pertinent information for the next few weeks. Until then, I hope you enjoy a fabulous weekend!


From The Principal:

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Hello LMS Families!

Our first week back with full classes was a definite shock to the system, but our educators and students handled it extremely well! We are still fine-tuning our routines with 310+ students back in the building at the same time, and while we will continue to solicit feedback about progress, we're extremely happy with the process and how it's working each day. Our admin team will continue to refine procedures and make adjustments wherever necessary, but we've been pleased with the student/educator response to unforeseen obstacles and the willingness to pull together to make this work. I hope you all enjoy the long weekend, and we'll be ready for our first five-day week next week!!



From The Principal:

Friday, March 26, 2021

Hello LMS Families!

Monday marks a major milestone in our return to "normal" with the full return of students to Littleton Middle School! Our educators and staff are extremely excited to see faces they've only seen online, and to welcome everyone else to a full week of in-person learning. Our teachers have been working incredibly hard to create an engaging, rewarding experience for all of our students and we look forward to the smiles on everyone's faces next week!

As we get ready for next week, there are a few items I'd like to bring to your attention:

  • Students who choose in-person learning will be required to be in-person for classes every school day unless they need to isolate or quarantine due to a COVID-19 diagnosis, Covid related symptom(s), a close contact with a Covid positive person, illness or a special circumstance approved by administration. Otherwise, in-person students who are not physically present will be marked absent.

  • Students should come to school with their Chromebooks fully charged each day. We don't have enough extras for all students who may forget to charge their devices and we'd hate for them to miss out on class activities.

  • Students received their lunch seating assignments Thursday evening, please ask them to check their Littleton email if they are unsure about their placement in either the cafeteria or gym.

  • The full return to school may seem like we can resume pre-pandemic gatherings in hallways and restrooms, remove their masks inside the building, or stop sanitizing their hands several times a day--please encourage them to remain steady in the safety protocols we have in place. This only works if everyone continues their safe practices!

Thank you for all your patience and support as we develop new routines and end the school year in a truly positive way!



From The Principal:

Friday, March 19, 2021

Hello LMS Families,

The decision to bring students back to a five-day week on March 29 presents an important step toward a return to normal, and while there is an incredible amount of work to be done on the part of our custodial staff, educators and general staff to make this happen, we are confident that we can do it safely and without disruption to the daily schedule. There are a few minor details we still need to consider as we prepare for the change, and we will communicate any necessary changes to families as they occur.

We have student-teacher conferences scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday next week, and if you missed the Google Form and would like to make an appointment, please let us know.

We will also send out information on tours of LMS for families new to the building or who want a refresh on their new classes. We will send out a Google Form on Monday, and I apologize for the short turnaround: we have a window of 11am-1pm but we need to coordinate efforts to offer safe and secure experiences in the building.

I hoe you have a great weekend!


From The Principal:

Friday, March 12, 2021

Hello LMS Families,

It's hard to believe that one year ago today was our last day of school before the shutdown that changed our lives forever. The struggle has been real for so many of our students, families and staff for so long that it's difficult to describe everything we've been through in the last twelve months. We still have a bit of road to travel, but with vaccinations and a change in the weather, it's easy to be hopeful for the good times ahead.

Littleton Middle School will open its doors five days a week to all students beginning Monday, April 5. While this is a major step forward to the return of some kind of normal, there is a great deal of work that needs to be done ahead of that day. Educators will be preparing their classrooms and lessons, administrators will be coordinating logistical concerns, and students will ready themselves for a full-week routine. Families can help this process by completing the registration form you received via email today so that we can make sure our rosters are accurate, our students are safely spaced, and the school functions to the best of its ability. The remote option is still available for families choosing to complete the school year in that model, so we are asking ALL families to complete the form by Wednesday, March 17 at 5pm.

I will send more information on our re-entry plan next week, but please do not hesitate to email with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you and have a great weekend,


From The Principal:

Friday, March 5, 2021

Hello LMS Families!

We had another great week at the middle school with exciting lessons and engaged students! Yesterday was the 100th day of the school year, and despite the challenges our entire community faced during this pandemic, the year seems to be flying by. We have student conferences on March 24th and 25th, and we will be sending out information and sign-ups later next week. Until then I hope you have a great weekend!


From The Principal:

Friday, February 26, 2021

Hello LMS Families!

The return from February break was very good and it seems most everyone was able to regain their prior momentum. We completed another successful round of pooled testing, completed our MAP make-ups, and are now making plans for MCAS testing. Longer days and slightly warmer temperatures brought extra positivity to students and staff, and we're so excited to finally be thinking about spring!

For our 8th grade families, please see the information below regarding the Grade 9 Course Information Night at LHS on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!


Parents of new students and Freshmen next school year- Save the Date: March 2, 2021

Littleton High School hosts its annual Course Selection Information Night Virtually via Zoom on Tuesday, March 2, 2021, 7:00-8:15 p.m.

We will present information from our Program of Studies and be available to answer questions. Parents of current Eighth Grade students should plan to attend and learn more about LHS. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming your son/daughter to high school. Here's a link to the meeting:

Topic: Grade 8 Parent Information Night for students entering Grade 9

Time: Mar 2, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 870 7324 7479

Passcode: At4xAy

From The Principal:

Friday, February 12, 2021

Hello LMS Families!

It's hard to believe that seven weeks have passed since December break and that we have only seven more weeks until April break! We had a busy week with a successful rollout of our pooled testing process, MAP testing, as well as the rush to finish projects and assessments before a week away from school. We will continue with pooled testing when we return on the Monday, February 21st and our remote materials pick-up on Wednesday, February 24th. We hope everyone has a safe, joyful and restful break...we'll see you soon!


From The Principal:

Friday, February 5, 2021

Hello LMS Families,

Next week will be busy at LMS: MAP testing and remote pick-up on Wednesday, as well as the rollout of pool testing on Monday should keep us hopping! Details for pool testing in our building are as follows:

  • Cohort A students in 7th & 8th grades whose families completed the consent form this week will begin testing Monday morning at 7:15am.

  • Testing teams will travel from flex to flex where students will self-swab their noses and place the sample in one of ten pre-assigned "pools" for analysis later in the day.

  • Cohort A students in 6th grade will self-swab their noses during Unified Arts classes.

  • Cohort B students will test on Thursday in the same manner.

The process will get more efficient as we practice, but we're confident it will go well! I hope you all have a great weekend!!


From The Principal:

Friday, January 29, 2021

Hello LMS Families!

This week's MAP testing was extremely successful with only a few students needing to take the test next week, so thank you to all of you for making sure your students were awake and ready to go Wednesday morning. We have another MAP test (math) on Wednesday, February 10 and we will follow the same format.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


From The Principal:

Friday, January 22, 2021

Hello LMS Families!

We had another great week at the middle school! We expect more of the same next week, though there are a couple of noteworthy changes to our established routine. Next Wednesday is a remote-pickup day with slightly different schedule so that we can get new Chromebooks to our remote 6th graders, as well as our winter MAP tests all taking place on the same day for all grades. I will send an email on Monday with the details, but until then, I hope you have a great weekend!


From The Principal:

Friday, January 15, 2021

Hello LMS Families!

The return to our hybrid model after being away from the building for nearly three weeks was remarkably smooth! Our students and staff were able to get right back into the routine of teaching and learning, so maybe the calendar flip to 2021 was just what we all needed! Next week is a four-day week with MLK Day on Monday--I hope you all enjoy the weekend!!


From The Principal:

Friday, January 8, 2021

Hello LMS Families!

Happy New Year to you and your families! While the national news was certainly unsettling this week, we were very happy to get back to the routine of teaching and learning. We return to the hybrid model next week and look forward to a great 2021!

Wednesday is an early release day, but we do have a remote pick-up of materials scheduled for that day as well. We will send out more details on Monday.

We hope everyone has a great weekend!


From The Principal:

Friday, December 18, 2020

Hello LMS Families!

Yesterday's snow day was a welcome rest for staff and students alike, we hope it was restful for you as well! Next week is a short week with the beginning of December break: Wednesday the 23rd is a full remote day.

Students will return to remote-only classes from Monday, January 4 through Friday, January 8. We had scheduled a school picture make-up day on the 8th, so I will send out more information that week about the schedule if your child needs new photos.

We will also have our first remote pick-up day of 2021 scheduled for Wednesday, January 13: more information will come as we approach the day.

We hope you have a great weekend!

Jason & Matt

From The Principal:

Friday, December 11, 2020

Hello LMS Families!

Term 1 grades closed today and report cards will be published in Aspen on December 18. We look forward to a strong second term as we continue to move forward with content and technology--I'm so proud of the entire LMS community!!

If your child(ren) are feeling ill before school, please keep them home so we can do our best to minimize exposure and contact during the current spike in Covid cases in Massachusetts. Every little bit helps!!

The cafe will be distributing grab-n-go meals for the entire Christmas break (13 lunches and 13 breakfasts) on Dec 22. If you DID NOT sign up on the weekly Grab-n-Go Survey please email us at and let us know how many students you will be picking up for. Thank you from the Cafe Staff!

Happy Hanukkah for those celebrating this weekend and next week, we hope it's a safe and happy time!!

Jason & Matt

From the Principal:

Friday, December 4, 2020:

Welcome back to all our staff and students this week, and after some valuable time off, we are ready to keep the momentum going to December break. The first trimester ends at the end of next week (11th), so please encourage your students to reach out to their teachers about missing assignments. Next Friday is also an early release day.

Have a great weekend!

Jason & Matt

From The Principal:

Friday, November 20, 2020

Hello LMS Families!

As we prepare for Thanksgiving break next week, I wanted to share how grateful I am to be a part of this community. The last eight months have been more than difficult for so many of us, and while we know there will be tough days ahead, your kindness and patience really make Littleton the envy of all Massachusetts towns. I am grateful for our wonderful educators who find new ways to persevere despite the many challenges they face, and I'm grateful for our awesome students who bring constant joy and love of learning to our building. You're the best!!

If you have not completed the Attestation Form for Thanksgiving travel, I ask that you take a few minutes this weekend to complete and submit by Monday, November 23. The letter explaining the requirements is attached below.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Attestation Form

November 20, 2020

From The Principal:

Friday, November 13, 2020

Hello LMS Families!

Friday the 13th did not disappoint! It's been a short week with Veterans Day, conferences, MAP testing, pictures days and fire drills to fill our time. Next week should be fairly "normal" as we move toward the Thanksgiving break, though we do have another early release day on Wednesday.

We have finally confirmed a make-up for picture day: Friday, January 8. Remote students and the Monday/Tuesday cohort will have to make arrangements if retakes are necessary, I will send more information that week.

Google recently released a series of exciting backgrounds for virtual meetings, and while we understand the joy that some students may feel to choose something unique, we have noticed that many students are spending time with moving backgrounds or are flipping between several choices in the course of a single class: these can be distracting to the point that some students are spending more time selecting a background than on the classroom instruction. We ask that if a student chooses a background while they are online, they limit the choice to a single still photo for the duration of the class. Grade-level teams may choose to implement restrictions on student choice and school administration supports their decision for the sake of effective teaching and learning.

We hope that you all have a wonderful weekend, and "see" you next week!

Jason & Matt

From The Principal:

Friday, November 6, 2020

Hello LMS Families!

Welcome to the return of the LMS Weekend Update website! This site was successful last year to help families find information easily without the need to scroll through a long email--the tabs at the top of the page should take you right where you need to go. In addition to the dedicated grade level and Unified Arts pages, you can also find general school information in the "LMS At-Large" section, as well as current updates from the Nurse and important PTA news (check out the t-shirt fundraiser). We hope you enjoy the "new" format for the Weekend Update.

Thank you to all of our educators and families for a successful week of conferences! We have more next Thursday (also an early release day), and with a new online format, we appreciate everyone's willingness to try something new. Tuesday and Friday are our LMS Picture Days, so please see the information below for more details:

Picture Days for Hybrid Students:

Tuesday, November 10: all students in the Monday/Tuesday cohort

Friday, November 13: all students in the Thursday/Friday cohort

Picture Days for Remote Students:

Next week we have Picture Days at LMS and I wanted to give you the details of how the process will work for our remote families. O'Connor Studios will set up a photo station in the gym lobby and we'll take students one at a time into the lobby for photos. The whole process should take less than two minutes from entry to exit of the building, and we will direct our P.E. classes to use a different space during this time so we don't have hybrid and remote students in the same place at the same time. Here we go:

  • On Tuesday and Friday of next week, we are asking remote families who wish to have school photos follow the schedule below.

  • During your designated time, please drive through the bus lane and stop outside the gym lobby.

  • The student in the first car may enter the building, take the photo, then return to the car.

  • The next vehicle in line pulls up and the process repeats.

  • We will have extra photo forms available for anyone who needs a replacement.

  • If all goes well, we should be able to move the line fairly quickly.

Tuesday, November 10:

10:45am-11:30am: Grade 6, last names A-K

11:30am-12:15pm: Grade 7, last names A-K

12:15pm-1:00pm: Grade 8, last names A-K

Friday, November 13:

10:45am-11:30am: Grade 6, last names L-Z

11:30am-12:15pm: Grade 7, last names L-Z

12:15pm-1:00pm: Grade 8, last names L-Z

Please keep in mind that, like everything else this year, we are doing this for the first time and may have to adjust plans as needed (fingers crossed that it goes well!). Please let us know if you have any questions.

We hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Jason & Matt

From the Principal:

Friday, March 20, 2020:

Hello LMS Families,

My wife sent a group email to her students earlier this week and there were many responses that dubbed the shutdown as "Coronacation." Middle schoolers can be very clever...

I certainly found the humor in the name and I think it's only natural for some students to treat this as an early summer break. We've reached the wait-and-see stage of this situation, and as a result, we're all developing the routines that will get us through the next couple of weeks. The district leadership team met with department leaders this week to establish expectations and guidelines for the production of further enrichment resources. Teachers are currently tailoring their ideas to dovetail academic learning in their classrooms as well as provide offline opportunities to be creative and strengthen skills. They are being very mindful of the need for equity and access, and I know they will have exciting ideas for your students to consider.

I also met virtually with the LMS Leadership Team this afternoon to gather questions, concerns and feedback for our next steps forward. Assuming we are back to school sooner rather than later, there was an emphasis on the role of routine to keep kids away from the "Coronacation" mindset. Regular bed times, regular meal times and planned activities when possible can never replicate the in-school experience, but it will certainly make the transition easier when do get back to school.

I'm hopeful that next week will bring us a clearer picture of the near future so we can make determinations on the Washington DC and Nature's Classroom field trips, MCAS, and a host of other activities put on hold. We are quickly reaching the point where difficult decisions must be made and I'd like to be as informed as possible.

On another note, I have received large number of email well-wishes from families to myself and our educators over the last few days, and I can not say "thank you" enough--every decision we make is unprecedented and with no available blueprint, and your support has been truly up-lifting...thank you!!!

I've also had a number of responses from students, families and staff to my question about what people are doing during the time off. I'll keep updating as more responses arrive, but if you'd like to check it out now check it out below.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you! Take care and stay safe...

Jason D. Everhart

Interim Principal, LMS

What Are You Doing?

Friday, March 13, 2020

We are certainly enduring a strange and anxious experience that is testing everything we know about maintaining public health and safety. The decision to close Littleton schools was made after much discussion, reflection and feedback from the entire community. I want to personally thank all of you for your patience and understanding as we navigate a situation that seems to change by the minute. While the spread of the disease is inconvenient and will impact some families more than others, it is our sense of community that will guide our way. We are stronger together!

I have received many emails with many questions about upcoming events, and while we don't yet have all the answers, here is the latest update:

  • Volleyball Night: cancelled

  • Science Fair public exhibition: cancelled

  • Parent conferences: postponed until further notice

  • Report cards: postponed until we return to school, please check your Aspen account to see current grades in individual classes

  • Nature's Classroom and Washington DC trips: our intent is to keep these trips in place, and because they happen in late May, we have the luxury of waiting a couple weeks to see how things progress before making a final decision. Cancellation and refund deadlines don't arrive until next month so there is no financial or safety reason to make a definitive choice at this time. If you haven't made a full payment for Nature's Classroom, please wait until we've reached a final decision for sending money; if you have not made a full payment for Washington DC, please consult your EF Tours travel account for more information. I will continue to conference with Ms. Tracanna and Ms. Finnerty regarding new information as we approach those dates, and I will let you know what happens as soon as we know.

Given the rate of progression and the amount of recent change to daily life, I'm sure there will be more information to come--I will keep you updated as quickly as I can. Thanks again, and please let me know if you have questions or concerns!

Friday, March 6, 2020

Hello LMS Families!

Please check your email for an important letter sent home this afternoon regarding spring conferences (also attached below). The letter explains the various formats and instructions on how to sign up--spots fill up quickly so don't waste time!

We had to cancel Movie Night and Volleyball Night due to license and scheduling issues but we fully intend to reschedule these events so students can have opportunities to spend more quality time at school...I'll let you know as soon as we have new dates!

Our PTA has done an incredible job of honoring our staff this year, most recently with a "Lucky Draw" event in which teachers drew green sharpies from a foam shamrock with prizes galore! We had so much fun and are so grateful--thank you PTA!!

Our PTA has also approved the purchase and installation of two large-screen televisions in the cafeteria to display student work, announcements, and other important information. If you or someone you know is a contractor and willing to install the television mounts securely into cinder block walls, we'd love to hear from you! (I could probably do it myself but I sense a disaster...). Please send me an email if interested at

Please see the attachments below regarding coronavirus prevention, and please feel free to share your concerns.

Take care or your personal and physical health this weekend, we are hoping to have a great March that leads us into MCAS season in April! Thanks for all your support!!

Spring Conferences Letter.pdf

Spring Conference Letter


2019-ncov-factsheet march.pdf


Friday, February 28, 2020

What a great week! Students were largely calm and quiet, and with teachers feeling the same way, it made for an easy week of teaching and learning at LMS! The 1:1 program rolled out well with very few issues regarding transportation and care of the devices--special thanks to Ms. Morgan, Ms. Lord and Ms. Croteau for all their hard work to make this exciting development in academic success a true reality!! The 7th and 8th grade History classes had a culminating exhibition with Senator Jaime Eldridge to see how the new Civics unit in middle school became a reality (see below), and while the next few week will be busy, there's a lot to be excited about! I know I need to update the message board in front of the school, I keep forgetting!! Sorry!!

Friday, February 28, 2020

Thank you to all families who drive their students to school, the line is moving much faster and our parking lot is safer! We've noticed a lot of students exiting the vehicle further down the drop-off lane and it definitely improves the flow of traffic!

I hope everyone has a restful, enjoyable week--we know the LMS staff will!

Congratulations to Arcadia Evans who auditioned and made it into the Junior District Music Festival for string orchestra! Arcadia's high score placed her above many students from other schools to earn her spot!

Friday, February 7, 2020

Hello Families,

I'm noticing an increasing number of parents cutting through the parking lot in the morning to drop off children--someone nearly hit one of our teachers this week. While I understand that the drop-off line can be long when the weather is bad, it's potentially dangerous for our students and educators.

To help alleviate the problem, students can exit the vehicle from the drop-off lane and walk to the building before they reach the front of the line--this will keep the line moving and make for a much quicker process. Allowing a few extra minutes on bad weather days will also help, but please avoid using the parking lot save time.

On another note, it was a great week at LMS and will be capped off by our 7/8 dance this evening from 6-8pm. It's not a semi but just as much fun! Hope to see the kids!!

Thanks so much for your effort!

Friday, January 31, 2020

Hello Littleton Families!

What a great week at LMS! The Great Kindness Challenge was a week filled with activities, themes, reflections and conversations about peer-to-peer kindness and taking time to acknowledge the influences in student lives. I would like to thank our Assistant Principal, Beth Morgan, for all her work to bring students together in kindness and to reach out to staff with the "Woot Woot Wagon" filled with snacks and drinks to say "Thank You!" for all their hard work! The absolutely deserve it!!!

I've heard from many parents over the last few weeks regarding next week's 7/8 dance: it is NOT a semi. We ended the practice of semi-formal dances several years ago, and I believe that many students have confused our dance with the semi-formal dance at LHS this month--our dance is a casual gathering of 7/8 students for fun and food. More information to follow!

Just a reminder that the Trimester 2 Midterm Grades have been posted, please check Aspen for updates...

Thanks so much!

Friday, January 17, 2020

It's been another great week here at LMS with lots more on the horizon! Just a reminder that we have 6th Grade Kids Night out next Friday, a 7/8 Dance in early February, Movie Night and more! Enjoy the long weekend!

January 10, 2020

We've have a lot of students to congratulate this week (see Grade 7 & Grade 8 sections), but also today's 2020 Geography Bee winner, Dennis Ryzi!!! Great things happen at LMS! We have noticed an increase is sick students this week, with many of the students texting home for dismissal without seeing the nurse--as we move forward into the cold/flu season, we ask that students who do not feel well go see the nurse before contacting home so we can be aware of any issues. Thank you and have a great weekend!

January 3, 2020

We welcomed back so many smiling, yet sleepy faces yesterday that I wasn't quite sure what kind of week we'd have, but the kids were great! As everyone gets used to an old routine, we have a number of things happening in the building so check back often!

1-1 Letter.pdf

1:1 Program Launch

Please read to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

Friday, December 13, 2019:

With a full moon and Friday the 13th happening in the last couple of days, we were worried that the end of the week would feel more like Halloween than the days before Winter Break! The kids and staff, however, weren't spooked by the sudden late start on Wednesday and we had another successful week at Littleton Middle School. We have field trips, guest speakers, academic rigor, and much more excitement next week, so ask the kids what's coming up!

Friday, December 6, 2019

We've had a pair of 2 1/2-day weeks in a row and I think we're getting used to the time off! We made it to Friday and now have another weekend to prepare for the long, two-week struggle to the holiday break (did my sarcasm come through?). The kids were great this week and we all settled back in to our routines nicely, so more information in the Update next week!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019:

Wow, what an incredible Turkey Olympics! Congratulations to the flex blocks of Ms. Pinard, Ms. Cafarelli, and Mr. O'Sullivan--it was an intense competition! After the Olympics we walked around the school and the football field, finishing up with a stop for cookies and hot chocolate before returning to class for the final few minutes of the day. Thank you Ms. Tetreault, Ms. Cafarelli, and everyone who made this such a wonderful LMS tradition!

Friday, November 22, 2019

This was our first full week of school in almost two months, and I think everyone is ready for the weekend! Our first term ended this week and we're moving quickly into our second term--lots of holiday time coming up so time management will be a must! Thank you to all the families who contributed to our Loaves and Fishes food drive, it was quite a success--you should have seen the massive amounts of food we hauled out of here today! It's a short week next week so I'm not sure how much info we'll have for the Update, but check back just to be sure!

Friday, November 15

This week marks the beginning of our Weekend Update Site and the end of the long weekly email! I hope you like the change, I know it will be easier to find important information. The updates from the previous week will be archived in dropdown sections at the bottom of each page, so if you missed something and need to go back, it's not lost in your inbox or trash forever. Take a tour of the site and check back often as we will updates information throughout the week! I will still send a reminder email every Friday...thanks!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Friday, November 8, 2019

Hello LMS Families!

Today ended on a wonderful note as LMS students and staff paid tribute to our local veterans, it's always a treat to hear incredible stories and say thank you to those we owe so much--special thanks to Ms. Morgan for organizing another successful Veterans Day assembly!

There is no school on Monday and an early release day Wednesday, and I hope to finish a Weekend Update website next week to replace the long email--I'll send the link as soon as we're ready to launch!!

Have a great long weekend!!

Jason D. Everhart

Interim Principal