Community yoga allows people to experience the extra benefit of practicing yoga & meditation within a group. Group yoga & meditation helps build community & connect with others in a world where loneliness is rampant. 

Inclusive & Accessible Yoga & Meditation Group Sessions

There can be benefits to practicing yoga & meditations with others. Sometimes simply breathing with others can make us feel supported & connected. I'm not currently teaching classes at a studio but I  do occasionally offer a limited-class series often related to a specific topic or audience. In the past I've offered classes such as Yoga for Mental Health & Yoga for Spoonies. You can see my current offerings listed on my Facebook Events page or on Eventbrite.

Inclusive & Accessible Social Events

Most social events aren't inclusive, even when they claim to be. I can't say that my events are perfect, but I try to create events that are as inclusive as possible. If you want to come to an event I've organized but it's not accessible for you, please message me so I can make any possible changes. 

In the past I've organized Roll & Stroll Accessible Hikes both outside in a park & inside, during the cold months at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Additionally, I partnered with another nonbinary person to create a series of neurodivergent social events for nonbinary people called They Friends.  And as a volunteer with Heartland Trans Wellness, I started & organized many years of the Annual Nonbinary Person Day Ice Cream Social.

Check out my Facebook Event page or Eventbrite to see what events I currently have coming up!

Inclusive & Accessible Educational Events

I host How to be a Spoonie and How to Care for your Spoonie workshops to help spoonies & their support people understand the reality of spoonie life.

Many people avoid going to yoga classes at studios because most studio classes aren't inclusive. And many yoga teachers feel ill equipped to teach students who aren't able-bodied, thin, disabled, neurodivergent, or trauma survivors.  My Stretching Diversity: Teaching Yoga to All Humans teacher training is an introduction for yoga teachers wanting to make their classes as inclusive as possible.

To help the general public or those within your organization understand the history & current reality of the queer community, I've led Queer 101 workshops. Topics span from basic vocabulary & concepts, queer history, what exactly is gender affirming care, & why the debate about trans women in sports is ridiculous.

If your group, organization, or workplace is looking to expand their knowledge or better understand ways to be accessible, let's chat!

Peer Support Groups

I'm not currently facilitating any ongoing peer support groups. However, in the past I created & facilitated Nonbinary Night when I was a board member for Heartland Trans Wellness. In addition to being a Certified Peer Recovery Supporter, I'm a trained Alternatives to Suicide Facilitator through the Wildflower Alliance. I hope to start an Alternatives to Suicide peer support group locally in Cincinnati later in 2023.

Ally Support & Education Group Sessions

As an ally, using your priviledge & resources to support others is valuable to creating a safer, welcoming world. But being an ally is a verb and requires constant learning & unlearning. I occassionally lead workshops & presentations for people who want to support queer, trans, disabled, neurodivergent, chronically ill people but feel they need more information and direction. You can always check my Facebook Event page or Eventbrite to see if anything is currently scheduled.